Empyreal dragon

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Empyreal dragon
Concept art of an empyreal dragon

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 114-116
See also: Paradise dragon

Empyreal dragons are dragons with a direct connection to the plane of Heaven. Drawing upon the divine blessings of Heaven, these dragons serve as guardians, shielding others from harm and opposing malevolence. Empyreal dragons are renowned for their wisdom, empathy, and kindness. They approach interactions with patience and compassion, seeking to understand and support those they encounter.1

In addition to the usual treasures found in a dragon's hoard, the hoard of an empyreal dragon also includes an array of weaponry, tailored to suit the inhabitants of the region, providing them with the means to confront and combat evil forces.2


While most empyreal dragons establish their homes within the celestial realms of heaven, some opt to maintain lairs scattered across the mortal plane. These lairs are strategically located in accessible areas, offering aid to those in need who might chance upon them.2

On Golarion

  • Yssendri is a great archdragon who has retired from direct combat after serving in the ranks of heaven's greatest armies. They recently appeared in Thuvia defending a caravan of merchants.3


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