House drake

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House drake
Seelah battles imps and house drakes

Urban (Korvosa)
Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 474

The flying purple creatures known as house drakes, who live in the rooftops of Korvosa, are similar to pseudodragons but are actually a local sub-species.1

They are in constant conflict with the many imps brought to the city by summoners of the Acadamae. Many of Korvosa's nobles decorate their roofs with tiny amounts of precious metals, among them silver-lined weather vanes, shingles, and gutters designed to catch the sunlight to give their homes a distinctive sparkle in the sunlight. By spending years sharpening stings and teeth against these silver-enhanced decorations, or sneaking drinks of holy water from outdoor fonts at various temples, some house drakes have become deadly weapons against the city's imps.23


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