Adamantine dragon

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Adamantine dragon
Concept art of an adamantine dragon

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 108-110

Adamantine dragons, a type of skymetal dragon, possess inherent magic that draws specific metals to their bodies, behaving akin to magnets or sometimes growing these skymetals naturally. As they mature, their scales are replaced by increasingly robust adamantine plating. These dragons exhibit unwavering loyalty and determination; once they've set their minds on a goal, making changing their course exceedingly difficult.1

Within their hoards, one can expect to find a collection of gemstones and precious metals. Consequently, adamantine dragons tend to value non-material gifts, with many favoring intriguing stories and memorable songs over tangible possessions.2


Adamantine dragons primarily inhabit mountainous regions, canyons, and other rugged terrains. Accessing their lairs can prove challenging, as these dragons typically dig tunnels to reach their lairs, resulting in extensive and maze-like tunnel networks.2

On Golarion

Trivorrin is an infamous threat to the nomads of Numeria. Living in the massive rift known as the First Blade's path, Trivorrin is sought out to act as a mediator of sorts for various clans and tribes of the area. In return for safe passage and protection, they bring him offerings of technological marvels.3


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