Vortex dragon

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Vortex dragon

6–22 (by age category)
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 74–75

Vortex dragons are the undisputed masters of travel across the galaxies, serving as messengers and observers for the greatest outer dragons and godlike entities in the Great Beyond.1


A vortex dragon's wings, horns, and crests glow similar to starlight.1


Vortex dragons can swiftly travel the vacuum of space, faster even than other outer dragons, and sometimes serve as interstellar liaisons between creatures and gods.12


Vortex dragons are such alien creatures that reality warps in their presence. Older vortex dragons can draw creatures in with their breath and swallow them, and can extend their bite through temporary rifts in space. However, they are vulnerable to extreme cold.1

Vortex dragons speak at least Chthonian, Diabolic, Draconic, and Empyrean languages in addition to Taldane, and some also speak Dwarven, Elven, and Sussuran.1

Known vortex dragons


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