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Type Dragon
CR 3
Environment Any underground or warm deserts

Source: Monster Codex, pg(s). 136

Kyranas are relatively small and unintelligent iguana-like dragons that command the fear and respect of kobolds.[1]


A kyrana resembles a large fire-breathing iguana with long spines jutting from its head and neck. An adult kyrana is five feet long and weighs 300 pounds on average.[1]


Kyranas are underground creatures and are only encountered on the surface in extremely hot or volcanic areas. Fire heals them, and they often spend time in calderas or lava lakes to absorb geothermal energy to be stored and released in a fiery breath.[1]

Kyranas lay six to twelve eggs per clutch and both parents raise their offspring. They are extremely territorial, and as soon as the children mature, at the age of 18 months, they are driven out of the nest and forced to wander hundreds of miles to search for a source of heat, ready to enter inhabited areas and burn anyone that stands in their way.[1]


Kobolds often encounter kyranas when digging and use them as heavy artillery, employing fire arrows and flaming traps to lure them into enemies.[1]


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