Cherletra Andos

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Cherletra Andos

Red General
General, Lord-Mayor
Taldor originally; Kintargo, Cheliax
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 59

A former general in the Taldan army, Cherletra Andos declared herself lord-mayor of the newly recognized city of Kintargo in 3213 AR.1

As part of her management of Kintargo, Cherletra undertook a massive town upgrade, updating the local infrastructure. Most notably, she undertook to raise much of the city's elevation to combat seasonal flooding. The districts of Jarvis End, Old Kintargo, and Redroof were modified for this purpose and an undercity was created from the basements and lower floors of various businesses that came to serve as the city's sewer system.2

Due to Cherletra's management, Kintargo grew from a thriving fishing town into a wealthy trading and manufacturing city by the time of her death.2

Today, Andos' legacy is remembered in the title of the city hall, where the lord-mayor's offices are located: Andos Hall.3