Canton Jhaltero

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Canton Jhaltero

Baron of Whiterock
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 63 (1E)
Tomorrow Must Burn, pg(s). 47 (2E)

Canton Jhaltero, Baron of Whiterock,12 is the head of the Kintargan aristocratic House Jhaltero based at the Jhaltero Estate in the Greens district of Kintargo.34


Politically, his loyalties were more with Kintargo than Cheliax and the ruling House Thrune before the Kintargan Rebellion of 47154716 AR. His House was a member of the aristocratic Court of Coin, and its interests focused on quarrying stone and silver as well as the trade of valuable information.3

After the Rebellion, Canton secured a seat on Kintargo's Silver Council but showed little interest in governing the House's holdings, which as of 4719 AR included the city of Whiterock2 and its nearby Summershade Quarry. The granite quarry was closed around 4709 AR due to claims that it contained ancient chambers believed to be haunted; Canton considered such rumors to be childish.5


Canton's daughter Aphigenia Jhaltero is known for her prodigious spending on Kintargo's artists and exotic pets, and her expenditures are the subject of considerable gossip amongst Kintargo's aristocracy.4


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