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Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Elf
Class Swashbuckler 11
Gender Female
Homeland Kintargo, Cheliax
Organization Silver Ravens

Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 171

Jackdaw is the founder and only surviving member of the original incarnation of the Silver Ravens. Although no longer in her prime, she remains a valuable asset to the modern Silver Ravens due to her experience of fighting House Thrune and her knowledge of pre-Thrune Kintargan history, which was subject to heavy censorship under Thrune rule.[1]


In 4606 AR, Jackdaw founded the Silver Ravens with four like-minded Kintargan adventurers: Amyreid, Ba Brackenthorn, Kyda, and Brakisi. They defended Kintargo from countless threats, including four attacks by House Thrune, with the help of the "Song of Silver", a powerful bardic masterpiece devised by Amyreid and Kyda that infused the city with powerful magic when performed.[2]

In 4640 AR, during the fifth and largest invasion of Kintargo by House Thrune, Kyda and Amyreid were assassinated. Jackdaw, knowing that the war was lost, surrendered herself to the enemy to prevent further destruction. She was imprisoned in Kintargo Keep under the watch of the lich known only as the First Warden.[2][3]

For decades, Jackdaw languished in jail with only the First Warden as company. The First Warden provided her with food and water, and over time, her captor's insanity spread to Jackdaw, leaving her somewhat mad herself.[4]

In 4715 AR, Jackdaw was freed from prison by a group of heroes, agents of the newly-resurrected Silver Ravens. She rejoined the group and participated in overthrowing Barzillai Thrune.[1]


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