Mialari Docur

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Mialari Docur

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 69 (1E)
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f. (2E)

Lady Mialari Docur serves as the founder and headmistress of Lady Docur's School for Girls, but harbours an unlikely secret; she is also chief spy mistress of the Lacunafex. A Forlorn elf Mialari began the school when elven education was all the rage across Cheliax, and it still draws pupils from as far afield as Isger and Molthune. Her school now serves as a cover for the spy organisation she founded, the Lacunafex. Mialari began the Lacunafex on a whim, but it has developed into an efficient spy network with her still at its head.1


Mialari's father was a bodyguard for House Drovenge, and brought her to Kintargo in 4455 AR when the Drovenges attempted to establish a new branch there. Soon after, her father was killed by House Drovenge's enemies, and Mialari was adopted by Lord and Lady Placus and Eleria Drovenge. Although Eleria worked hard to connect Mialari to her species, hiring tutors to teach her elven culture, she always identified herself with Cheliax more than Kyonin, and rarely thought of herself as an elf.2

Mialari fell in love with and married Maris Docur, the youngest son of a Kintargan noble, with no obstacles. Their house became the meeting place for new musicians and artists. When Maris died of old age, Mialari was devastated, and refused to join her family when they returned to Westcrown.2


When her husband's family dissolved, Mialari inherited their old buildings, and sold most of them except one in the Villegre district, which was turned into a boarding school. She adopted Kyonin's mannerisms, built the curriculum around elven culture, and opened Lady Docur's School for Girls in 4510 AR, with her first 20 students coming from Cheliax's greatest noble houses. She found it rewarding to develop her students' talents and worldview but tried not to get too close to them.2

As elven education fell out of fashion, Mialari began to reach out and offer scholarships to marginalised aiuvarin girls, expanded to Isger and Molthune, and changed her curriculum according to half-elves' need for a practical education.2

When House Thrune seized control over Cheliax, their revisionist historians and Asmodean agents demanded Mialari to turn over her records and incorporate Thrune tenets into her curriculum. She pretended to obey while forming the Lacunafex to train spies, seeking to keep one step ahead of the Thrune regime, preserve the old Kintargo she knew, and prepare for future upheavals.2

In 4715 AR, when Barzillai Thrune arrived in Kintargo, Mialari had the Lacunafex serve the Silver Ravens as spies while allowing them to keep the credit and ensuring that they did not bring back the Gray Spiders, so she would have no rivals recruiting young thieves and spies. When the fighting broke out, she was instrumental in forming the Silver Council, and remains quietly influential even if she is no longer an official member.2