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Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 37

Scarplume is the leader of the Kintargan thieves' band known as the Red Jills and dwells in an abandoned orphanage, once devoted to Aroden, called Humbright House. Scarplume is a rarity: an exiled strix of the Kitkasiticka tribe (who dwell in the nearby Ravounel Forest) living within a human city. Her hatred of humanity did not abate with her banishment, however; Scarplume loathes humans so much that she surrounds herself with a team of bodyguards composed of only cambions.1

Scarplume hides her wings beneath a red cloak, like those worn by all the rest of the Red Jills, and also uses magic to aid her disguises. In her natural form, she possesses distinctive bright red hair as well as a scar across her forehead. Scarplume founded the Red Jills, little more than a band of vicious thugs, as a way to further terrorise the humans she so hates. She also hopes to use the gang to gather enough wealth to one day bribe her way back into the Kitkasiticka tribe.1


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