Kintargo Keep

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Kintargo Keep is a part of the larger Castle Kintargo that dominates the Castle District of the city of Kintargo. The keep's five-storey spire juts from the north-western corner of the castle and serves as Kintargo's most notorious prison.[1]

Solidly built, its central staircase connects five storeys of prison above ground as well as a near-forgotten dungeon level below. Each layer has over a dozen different cells to contain prisoners and the dungeon also includes four lightless oubliettes. The site is normally very well defended, including a detachment of Hellknights of the Order of the Rack led by Paralictor Kyrre Ekodyre who are accompanied by Hellknights raised from the grave as phantom armours.[2]

In the forsaken dungeon, one final guardian, is a lich warpriest dedicated to Asmodeus, who was created in the early days of House Thrune. Barely remembered as a mere legend by most of the castle's inhabitants, this terrifying sentinel is now known only as The First Warden. He protects a single prisoner: the legendary rebel, Jackdaw, the founder of the Silver Ravens. Due to a strange quirk of city law, the dungeon level of the keep is one of the few places in the entire city that the Lord-Mayor of Kintargo has no right to go.[3]


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