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Jilia Bainilus

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Jilia Bainilus

Lord-Mayor of Kintargo (former)
Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 10

Jilia Bainilus, sometimes spelled Jilia Bainulus,3 served as lord-mayor of Kintargo until Arodus, 4715 AR, when House Thrune declared martial law over the city and replaced her with Paracount Barzillai Thrune.4

Before her replacement, she had a reputation for pragmatic leniency over her subjects, preferring to enforce Chelish dictates of loyalty only when the Chelish Navy was present.5 She is also known as a sharp political thinker and staunch libertarian.6


Jilia is a slender woman with dark hair and light olive skin.7


Jilia has a love-hate relationship with the concept and, indeed, the very presence of tieflings.8


Her family line includes Lady Jallah Bainilus, renowned for being gifted the magical rapier Reprisal by Cayden Cailean in 4098 AR.9


During her years as Kintargo's mayor, Jilia straddled two roles: a patriotic citizen of Cheliax and the mayor of a city frustrated with the regime governing their nation. She generally enjoyed high approval rates from her people, who nonetheless disagreed with her stance on House Thrune and tendency to buckle down in case the government imposed direct rule over Kintargo. However, she knew that this was necessary to appease the Thrunes, who could, at any time, replace her with someone else who would definitely not have the city's best interests at heart.10

Declaration of martial law (4715 AR)

After House Thrune declared martial law over Kintargo, Jilia went missing, and her successor Barzillai Thrune proclaimed that she had fled to Arcadia. Rumors suggest she died from drunkenness, remains in hiding, or is imprisoned somewhere in Kintargo.111210

The truth is that Jilia never fled the city, but was abducted by Aluceda Zhol, high priestess of Zon-Kuthon and Barzillai's accomplice, who transformed her into a vampire thrall and bound her to her service. Barzillai sometimes visits Jilia to mock her with lies of how the city adores him, and how much more prosperous he has made Kintargo.10

Jilia was soon rescued from the Kuthites' clutches by the Silver Ravens and brought back to life.13

Rule over Ravounel (4717 AR–)

After Barzillai was overthrown and Ravounel seceded from Cheliax to become an independent nation, Jilia was elected as its first leader. She took the title of domina, which had fallen into disuse since House Thrune came into power.13


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