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Jilia Bainilus

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Jilia Bainilus
Titles Lord-Mayor of Kintargo (former)
Alignment Chaotic good[1]
Race/Species Human
Class Aristocrat 9[1]
Gender Female
Homeland Kintargo, Cheliax
Deity Cayden Cailean[2]
Images of Jilia Bainilus

Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 10

Jilia Bainilus, sometimes spelled Jilia Bainulus,[3] served as lord-mayor of Kintargo until Arodus, 4715 AR, when House Thrune declared martial law over the city and replaced her with Paracount Barzillai Thrune. Her whereabouts are unknown; rumors hold that she fled the city near the time of House Thrune's declaration at the beginning of Arodus, 4715 AR.[4]

Before her replacement, she had a reputation for pragmatic leniency over her subjects, preferring to enforce Chelish dictates of loyalty only when the Chelish Navy was present.[5] She is also known as a sharp political thinker and staunch libertarian.[6]


Jilia is a slender woman with dark hair and light olive skin.[7]


Jilia has a love-hate relationship with the concept and, indeed, the very presence of tieflings.[8]


Her family line includes Lady Jallah Bainilus, renowned for being gifted the magical rapier Reprisal by Cayden Cailean in 4098 AR.[9]


After House Thrune declared martial law over Kintargo, Jilia went missing. Her whereabouts are unknown; rumors suggest she fled to Arcadia, died from drunkenness, or remains in hiding somewhere in Kintargo.[10][11]