Court of Coin

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Court of Coin

Protecting the economic interests of Kintargo
City-wide (Kintargo)
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 61

The Court of Coin is an organisation made up of the aristocratic families of Kintargo, and it exerts a lot of influence over the local economy. The nobility control much of the mercantile interests and many entertainment venues throughout the city, and the Court of Coin (headquartered in the Counting House in The Greens district) serves as their meeting place. The Court of Coin generally endeavours to do what is best for all Kintargo, but it has long been mired in corruption and infighting. Many of the noble families who are part of the Court of Coin were exiled to Kintargo during the Chelish Civil War. The Court of Coin includes all of the city's biggest noble houses: Aulamaxa, Aulorian, Delronge, Jarvis, Jhaltero, Sarini, Tanessen, Vashnarstill, and Victocora.1