Nurla Botve

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Nurla Botve

Source: Turn of the Torrent, pg(s). 33 (1E)
Curtain Call Player's Guide, pg(s). 19 (2E)

Nurla Botve, who manages the Iudeimus Tenement in Old Kintargo, Cheliax, is known as a tempestuous, impatient, disreputable old crone who has no qualms about insulting strangers.123 She also owns several other low-quality hostels and complexes in Old Kintargo.4


Botve has dull clothing, squat posture, and a persistently weary and annoyed expression.2


No Kintargan knows when Botve was born, nor do any remember her ever being a younger woman.3


Botve hates adventurers, assumes that younger people are unemployable miscreants, and quickly distrusts anyone who fails to pay her rent, but is also receptive to bribes, flattery, and good manners. She is considered to be Kintargo's most cantankerous resident.3


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