Tiarise Izoni

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Tiarise Izoni
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human
Class Witch 11
Gender Female
Homeland Kintargo, Cheliax
Deity Asmodeus
Familiar Kelaxiax, an imp

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 18-19

Tiarise Izoni is a powerful witch who serves the new Lord-Mayor of Kintargo Barzillai Thrune and is one of his most loyal allies. Tiarise specialises in the arcane intersections between the Outer Planes, in particular Hell, and the Material Plane. It was at Tiarise's encouragement that Barzillai sought the legendary Book of the Damned and the assistance of the archdevil Mephistopheles himself in his nefarious plans. Based in the Records Hall of The Greens district, Tiarise now helps Barzillai by destroying and redacting the true history of Kintargo in an attempt to erase all evidence of rebellion from it, including the Silver Ravens. To help her guard the Records Hall, Tiarise keeps a hellcat for a pet.[1]


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