Hetamon Haace

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Hetamon Haace
Hetamon Haace
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Tiefling (demon-spawn)
Class Cleric 5
Gender Male
Homeland Redroof, Kintargo, Cheliax
Deity Milani
Organization Rose of Kintargo
Born ca. 4685 AR
(about 38 years old)
Companion(s) Hetawell Haace, father

Source: Turn of the Torrent, pg(s). 64-65

Hetamon Haace is a tailor and proprietor of The Devil's Threads in Kintargo, Cheliax, having taken it over from his ailing father Hetawell Haace around 4699 AR at the age of 14. He also secretly operates a cult dedicated to the goddess Milani known as the Rose of Kintargo.[1]


Hetamon has red skin, amber eyes with feline features, small horns protruding from his forehead, pointed ears, and angular features.[1]


Hetamon was raised by his father Hetawell, who was seduced by a half-succubus named Natsiel.[1]


As leader of the Rose of Kintargo, Hetamon has a small cult of associates. He is also friendly with Setrona Sabinus, keeper of the Tooth and Nail tavern in Old Kintargo.[1]


Natsiel attempted to use Hetamon to curse Hetawell into a premature death and servitude in the Abyss, but through his compassionate nature, Hetamon supported his father and gained a reputation as a skilled healer and altruistic member of Kintargo's Redroof district.[1]


Hetamon is a skilled healer and magic item crafter.[1]


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