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Marquel Aulorian

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Marquel Aulorian

Poison Pen of Kintargo
Source: Turn of the Torrent, pg(s). 30

Marquel Aulorian is a scion of the aristocratic House Aulorian and, unbeknownst to his family, is also secretly the radical poet known as the Poison Pen of Kintargo.1


Marquel is a young man with dark brown hair that frames a slightly soft but still very fine face. Garbed in fine aristocratic clothing Marquel has a withered arm that he tends to hide beneath his shirt as he is rather self-conscious about it.1


Marquel and his father, the House Aulorian patriarch, Auxis, have drifted apart as his father's growing loyalty to House Thrune has driven a wedge between them. Auxis fears that Marquel has got himself tangled up with the Silver Ravens but the truth is far more scandalous: he is the outlawed Poison Pen of Kintargo, a notorious rebel poet and virulent critic of all things Thrune. Marquel's other secret is his lover Cassius Sargaeta, the captain of the Chelish Navy vessel Scourge of Belial.1


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