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Sweet Tooth

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For another meaning of "Sweet Tooth", please see Sweet Tooth (Port Eclipse).

As of 4715 AR, Sweet Tooth was a small confectionery shop located in the Old Kintargo district of Kintargo, sharing a roof with the adjacent Tooth and Nail tavern.1 It is renowned for its candied blackberry tarts, which the owner, Luculla Gens, often sells in the neighbouring Tooth and Nail.2 Gens and Setrona Sabinus, proprietor of the Tooth and Nail, were once friends.3

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Gens was secretly a changeling and led Kintargo's secret cult dedicated to Mahathallah, the Dowager of Illusions.2 Her criminal activity was revealed after the Ruby Massacre of 4716 AR,3 and the shop's fate after the Kintargan Rebellion of 4715–4716 AR is unknown.


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