River Talons

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River Talons
Type Gang
Leader Ravzee
Headquarters Bleakbridge, Kintargo
Scope City-wide

Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 69

The River Talons are a gang of violent tengu thugs that are one of the patchwork of small gangs, including the Red Jills, and Gray Spiders, that make up Kintargo's criminal underworld. The River Talons most commonly haunt Bleakbridge, the only bridge that crosses the Yolubilis River linking the two halves of Kintargo. The River Talons are mostly opportunistic cut-purses and greedy thugs who dream of being something more. Under their leader, Ravzee, they aspire to become Kintargo's one true thieves' guild but are too riven with petty infighting and discord for this to ever be anything more than deluded fantasy.[1]


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