Rexus Victocora

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Rexus Victocora
Rexus Victocora.
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human
Class Aristocrat 2 / Sorcerer 1
Gender Male
Homeland Kintargo, Archduchy of Ravounel, Cheliax
Organization House Victocora
Companion(s) Laria Longroad
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Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 56-57

Rexus Victocora is a scholar and philosopher in the Chelish city of Kintargo and a noble of House Victocora.[1]


Rexus is a handsome, dusky-skinned young man with dark hair, a goatee, and fine clothing. He is of a short, slight build and always carries a cane.[1]


Born to Aneran and Porcia Victocora, he was raised as a lady in Kintargo's noble circles until a meeting with a Shelynite tutor proficient in changing genders. This meeting inspired him to transition into a man through alchemical unguents which, even with his parents' support, resulted in scandal, ostracization, and threats.[1]

His parents have been missing and presumed dead since House Thrune attacked Kintargo during the Night of Ashes and burned his family's estate in The Greens in 4715 AR. After witnessing the aftermath of the attack, he went into hiding in Kintargo.[1]


Family friend Laria Longroad took Rexus in after House Thrune's attack.[1]


Rexus studied at Kintargo's Alabaster Academy.[1]


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