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Octavio Sabinus

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Octavio Sabinus
Lictor Octavio Sabinus.

Source: Turn of the Torrent, pg(s). 66–67 (1E)
Curtain Call Player's Guide, pg(s). 18 (2E)

Since 4708 AR and as of 4724 AR, Lictor Octavio Sabinus has led the Hellknight Order of the Torrent based in Kintargo, Ravounel.1}23


Octavio's cousin Setrona Sabinus, who runs the Tooth and Nail tavern in Old Kintargo, considers Octavio to be an obstinate but honorable man.4 His mother is deceased.2


Octavio's ascension to the rank of lictor was complicated by a longstanding feud between the Sabinus family and the family of former lictor Arcamo Hyrmagus. Only after Arcamo's death at age 77, around 4708 AR, did Octavio take over leadership of the Order of the Torrent.2

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After Barzillai Thrune, installed as Kintargo's lord-mayor in 4715 AR, called the Order of the Rack to Kintargo1 and imprisoned the Order of the Torrent's armigers, Octavio went into hiding at the Shrine of Saint Senex.5 Octavio quietly and reluctantly helped the Silver Ravens in the Kintargan Rebellion, considering House Thrune and its agent Barzillai to have corrupted and abused the law.67

After the Kintargan Rebellion, the Kintargan government reinstated Octavio and the Order of the Torrent, and assigned them maintenance and renovation of Castle Kintargo. Sabinus and the Order have otherwise kept a low profile, and rumors suggest they might disassociate themselves from the broader Hellknights to forge their own identity.3


Octavio still bears his mother's dawnsilver shortsword.2


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