Setrona Sabinus

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Setrona Sabinus

Insome Filas, hired help
Source: Turn of the Torrent, pg(s). 8-9 (1E)
Curtain Call Player's Guide, pg(s). 19 (2E)

As of 4724 AR, Setrona Sabinus is the tavern keeper of the Tooth and Nail in the Old Kintargo district of Kintargo.23


Sabinus is a short human with an outgoing personality.3


Setrona's cousin is Lictor Octavio Sabinus, leader of the Order of the Torrent.2


As of 4715 AR, she employed Insome Filas at the Tooth and Nail.2 She was also friends with Hetamon Haace, proprietor of what is now known as the Silver Spindle,4 and with her neighbor Luculla Gens, whose tarts she often sold in the Tooth and Nail.53

The revelation of Gens' criminal activity after the Ruby Massacre of 4716 AR damaged Sabinus' ability to trust others for years after the event.3


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