Andos Hall

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Andos Hall, the city hall of Kintargo, is located in its Castle District and thoroughly dwarfed by the neighbouring Castle Kintargo, next to which it appears understated and quaint.1


The top floor of the three-storey building was once dedicated to the Lord Mayor and their offices, whilst the lower storeys housed the bureaucratic web that supported city civic life.1


With the arrival of the Barzillai Thrune as Lord Mayor in 4715 AR, Andos Hall was boarded up, and Thrune split his time between Castle Kintargo and the Kintargo Opera House.1

After Thrune was removed and Kintargo and Ravounel won their independence from Cheliax in 4716 AR, Andos Hall resumed its use as Kintargo's city hall and the meeting place for the Silver Council pending the relocation of governmental functions to long-neglected Castle Kintargo.2