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Shadowsquare is the second-largest temple in Kintargo, Ravounel. Devoted to Zon-Kuthon, it is located in the north-eastern part of the Temple Hill district.1


Shadowsquare was built atop the remains of a temple of Cayden Cailean that burned down during the early part of the Chelish Civil War.1 Under Chelaxian rule it housed worshipers from Nidal, all but one of whom left after Ravounel seceded from Cheliax in 4716 AR.2

Under Chelaxian rule

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Despite its large size, the temple had a small congregation and was unpopular in Kintargo. It existed solely to help cement political relations with neighbouring Nidal. Similarly, it boasted only a small contingent of priests led by High Priest Aluceda Zhol, and rumours around the city suggested that she was intimately involved with Kintargo's Asmodean High Priest Corinstian Grivenner. Her true dark secret, however, is that she was a vampire.1

In 4715 AR, after Barzillai Thrune was appointed lord-mayor of Kintargo, he recruited Zhol to capture and transform his predecessor Jilia Bainilus into a vampire. Zhol was eventually defeated by the Silver Ravens, who had risen against Barzillai's tyranny in the Kintargan Rebellion3 and liberated the city and Ravounel from Cheliax in 4716 AR.4

Under the rule of Ravounel

Worshipers of Zon-Kuthon are one of the few unholy faithful tolerated in post-secession Kintargo, due to Ravounel's proximity to Nidal and the city's widespread worship of Zon-Kuthon's sister Shelyn.5 However, few in the city openly worship Zon-Kuthon, and Shadowsquare now houses a single caretaker as its new high priest, the dhampir Xos Aulverix.6


The temple resembles a truncated pyramid that slopes toward the top in such a way that some part of it is always wrapped in shadows.1

Clergy and congregation

Shadowsquare resorts to selling magical healing and items to help with the meagre income from its congregation, and under Chelaxian rule was known to have a powerful scroll of restoration for sale.1


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