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Type Espionage
Leader Lady Mialari Docur
Headquarters Lady Docur's School for Girls, Kintargo
Goals Cheliax-based spies and secret couriers
Scope Regional
Structure Secret

Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 69

The Lacunafex is a small network of spies and couriers that operate in secret across Cheliax, and are based out of Lady Docur's School for Girls located in the Villegre district of free-spirited Kintargo in northern Cheliax.

The school provides both a cover and a recruiting ground for the Lacunafex, as its headmistress Lady Mialari Docur is also the organization's founder. Lady Docur runs the school, which caters almost exclusively to half-elven girls from across Cheliax, Isger, and Molthune, but secretly recruits her most talented pupils into the Lacunafex, where they are taught spycraft. The organisation was founded on somewhat of a whim, but now works across the nation, and is known to frequently work with the Iroran Sacred Order of Archivists.[1]


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