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Strea Vestori

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Strea Vestori

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). inside rear cover (1E)
Curtain Call Player's Guide, pg(s). 19 (2E)

Strea Vestori is a cambion in Kintargo, Ravounel, who since at least 4715 AR and as of 4724 AR manages the Cloven Hoof Society, a charitable organization for cambions in Kintargo,12 Ravounel, and beyond.3


In 4715 AR, Kintargo was a holding of Cheliax and a city where cambions were unpopular, and Strea had operated the Cloven Hoof Society for several years in support of the city's cambion population.12 Strea had made great progress with increasing cambion rights within the city, aided by Hetamon Haace, the leader of Kintargo's secret cult of Milani known as the Rose of Kintargo. However, her work drew the attention of newly installed Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune, and when he consolidated his power during the Night of Ashes Strea was abducted by agents of House Thrune and imprisoned in the Temple of Asmodeus.4

As of 4724 AR, she continued to operate the Cloven Hoof Society, whose scope had expanded to support hellspawn across and beyond Ravounel. She is a stout ally of the Silver Ravens and continues to support them, including through illicit means.3


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