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Bleakbridge is the sole bridge connecting the two halves of Kintargo across the Yolubilis River, linking the districts of Yolubilis Harbor with Redroof. Not just a vital connection, Bleakbridge also serves as one of the city's greatest markets, lined with wooden shops from end to end on both sides, with smaller markets nestled round either end of the bridge.1 The bridge is 475 feet long, consisting of stone arches that peak 10 feet above the water and are supported by eight large stone towers that also serve the local Dottari as guardposts. The shops lining Bleakbridge consist of all types, including food stores, a cobblers, a hatter, curios shops and even a florists.2 Bleakbridge is also home to unique gang of tengu toughs called The River Talons who act as cutpurses, thieves and general nuisances1 who never quite made the leap from street gang to thieves' guild.2


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