Silver Spindle

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The Silver Spindle, formerly known as The Devil's Threads, is one of the many tailor's shops located adjacent to the Redroof Market in the Redroof district of Kintargo.


The Devil's Threads is a quaint shop differentiated from most others by its owner, a cambion named Hetamon Haace. In Cheliax, Hetamon's fiendish heritage would have worked against him, but in Kintargo his skills were allowed to shine.1


Under the rule of Cheliax, Haace was a secret worshipper of Milani and one of the few surviving members of the Rose of Kintargo, a secret Milanite society.12 The shop also contained a shrine to Milani, whose worship was illegal at the time.3

After Kintargo and Ravounel won their independence from Cheliax in the Kintargan Rebellion, in which Haace participated as a freedom fighter,4 he no longer had to hide his worship of Milani or her shrine in his shop.3 He renamed the shop to the Silver Spindle, and as of 4724 AR he had became one of Milani's most vocal worshipers in Kintargo.4


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