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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Turn of the Torrent
Aliases Temple Hill Slasher
Titles Professor
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Babau
Class Assassin 10
Gender Male
Homeland Formerly Kintargo, Cheliax;
Currently Razorspan, Abyss
Deity Norgorber / Shax
Organization Alabaster Academy
Died 4599 AR

Source: Demons Revisited, pg(s). 8-9

Professor Mangvhune, once a beloved teacher at the Alabaster Academy, was arrested and executed in 4599 AR after being caught as the Temple Hill Slasher, Kintargo's most notorious serial killer. The Slasher claimed victims from 4596 AR until Mangvhune's apprehension, though new murders have recently occurred in Kintargo that follow his same methods and patterns.[1] He used the intelligent magical kukri Balgorrah to murder many of his victims.[2]

Mangvhune transformed into a babau demon after his death, entering into the service of the demon lord Shax. He currently inhabits a den on the edges of his new master's realm. This lair, named Razorspan, is a bridge-like structure composed entirely of metal blades, suspended over a deep rift filled with bones. When summoned to the Material Plane, Mangvhune typically demands a period of time after his services are completed to stalk the world to hunt and kill of his own volition, renewing the terror of the Temple Hill Slasher in cities throughout the Inner Sea region.[3]


During his tenure as a surgeon and professor of anatomy at the Alabaster Academy, Professor Mangvhune's charm and handsome looks made him a very popular figure in Kintargan society. The discovery that he was the infamous Slasher that had stalked the city, capturing victims off the street and torturing them for days before leaving their bodies on the slopes of Temple Hill, took the city by shock. He was swiftly tried and sentenced to execution by beheading, putting a stop to the killings, but his reputation continued to hang over Kintargo and the Alabaster Academy for years afterwards.[1][3]

Mangvhune's soul swiftly plunged into the Abyss following his death, where the taint of his murderous life quickly transformed it into a babau—one that, in an extremely rare occurrence, maintained the memories and personality that it had in life. Mangvhune thrived as a demon, and eventually rose to be one of the favorite servants of the babaus' master, the demon lord Shax.[3]