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Week 18

cover of Queen of Thorns

  • ... that the forthcoming Pathfinder Tales novel Queen of Thorns is the third novel featuring Varian Jeggare and Radovan?
  • ... that Faultspawn is the name given to tieflings who are descended from asura?
  • ... that Queen Bes is the only settlement of any size on the Shackles island of Besmara's Throne?
  • ... that the Barren Museum is a thoroughly looted ruin in the city of Woodsedge in the nation of Galt?
  • Week 19

    Razor Jenni, a final blade

  • ... that only Galt's executioners, the Gray Gardeners, know how to release the souls trapped within the magical guillotines known as Final Blades ?
  • ... that the independent Varisian city of Korvosa is named after Field Marshal Jakthion Korvosa, a Chelish military commander?
  • ... that the dark folk of the Darklands are descended from Azlanti humans who fled the destruction of Earthfall?
  • ... that there was a small goblin nation in the River Kingdoms ruled by barghests?
  • Week 20

    Lizardfolk shaman Seyusth

  • ... that Seyusth is a lizardfolk shaman of the Haa-Ok tribe in the Mwangi Expanse?
  • ... that dark folk are descendants of Azlanti survivors who fled into the Darklands following Earthfall?
  • ... that the Contemplatives of Ashok are highly evolved inhabitants of the planet Akiton, who are little more than giant, floating brains?
  • ... that giant botflies are native to the Mwangi Expanse, where they lay their eggs in victims both alive and dead?
  • Week 21

    the gnollish Carrion King

  • ... that despite their chaotic nature, gnoll society has a strict set of laws that revolve around the group?
  • ... that Taldor fields elephant cavalry in both support and combat roles?
  • ... that despite their usually small size, some chokers grow to the size of humans?
  • ... that according to myth, the demon lord Kabriri was the first ghoul?
  • Week 22


  • ... that Molthuni slaves can free themselves of their servitude to become full citizens with proper legal education?
  • ... that Annexa Palanthea's Fishy Menagerie of Katapesh has a collection of stuffed aquatic sentients?
  • ... that Waydon Endrin was the third Lord Magistrate of Korvosa?
  • ... that it is rumored that an unclosed gate to Hell can be found in the Whisperwood?
  • Week 23


  • ... that the runes on a rune giant's flesh are natural markings?
  • ... that derro young reach maturity by age 9?
  • ... that the Shades of the Uskwood are druids that revere both the natural world and Zon-Kuthon?
  • ... that the Coins District Guard is colloquially known as the "Token Guard"?
  • Week 24

    Alex Greenshields

  • ... that Alex Greenshields's first project for Paizo was the Pathfinder conversion of Mists of Mwangi?
  • ... that The Guardians are over two hundred feet tall?
  • ... that the only major race native to Stonespine Island are gnolls?
  • ... that the Treaty of Sirathu was signed in 4663 AR?
  • Week 25

    Alex Greenshields

  • ... that orcs are renowned for their love of ankhegs?
  • ... that Skyreach took five years to construct?
  • ... that the Seven Patriarchs are said to be the first duergar to worship Droskar?
  • ... that the Gulf of Khorkii is often choked with icebergs?
  • Week 26

    Risen Guard

  • ... that doctrine requires that the Ruby Prince should always see at least three Risen Guard in any direction he looks?
  • ... that Nethys' herald, the Arcanotheign, appears as a cloud of black and white magical energy shaped like a woman?
  • ... that Hollow Mountain is among the highest peaks of Rivenrake Island?
  • ... that worshipers of Hanspur don't have many formal temples, instead favoring shrines built on driftwood, and released downriver on small rafts?
  • Week 27

    Cheliax's flag

  • ... that after the death of Aroden, Cheliax descended into three decades of civil war?
  • ... that in 4640 AR, House Thrune took control of the throne in Cheliax?
  • ... that since the Thrune Ascendancy, new Chelaxian history texts are published every three months?
  • ... that the Order of the Rack are responsible for collecting the outdated texts and burning them in so called 'clarity pyres'?
  • Week 27

    Cheliax's flag

  • ... that after the death of Aroden, Cheliax descended into three decades of civil war?
  • ... that in 4640 AR, House Thrune took control of the throne in Cheliax?
  • ... that since the Thrune Ascendancy, new Chelaxian history texts are published every three months?
  • ... that the Order of the Rack are responsible for collecting the outdated texts and burning them in so called 'clarity pyres'?
  • Week 28

    The Great Maw of Rovagug

  • ... that the Great Maw of Rovagug fires a projectile 27S in diameter?
  • ... that the egrets of Hemlock Island in Rushlight are said to scream like a woman when slain?
  • ... that pseudodragons hate the taste of snowflake moths?
  • ... that Bramble-Sick Brandy enhances bugbears' ability to smell fear in those they hunt?
  • Week 29

    Sabriyya Kalmeralm

  • ... that Sabriyya Kalmeralm's took over from her father Nazir as the "Princess of the Markets" after his disappearance in 4679 AR?
  • ... that Usher's Hall sits opposite the famous Indros cul Vydrarch monument at the centre of Magnimar's Capital District?
  • ... that Magnimar's prison, the Pediment Building, is informally known as "The Hells"?
  • ... that Valanni Krinst ignores many of the Lord Mayor's more ridiculous edicts, making Magnimar a much better place than it would otherwise be?
  • Week 30

    Skinsaw cultist

  • ... that the Skinsaw cult is a branch of the church of Norgorber?
  • ... that in Tian Xia, Desna is worshipped as the Resplendent Goddess of Fortune, and the Goddess of the North Star?
  • ... that the clergy of Abadar often stand as a neutral faction during conflicts?
  • ... that the Wasp Queens are a society of female elf and half-elf thieves who follow the teachings of Calistria?
  • Week 31


  • ... that Osirion is one of the oldest human nations currently in existence in the Inner Sea region?
  • ... that Janhelia once served an ancestor of her current master Khemet III?
  • ... that the Black Dome of Sothis is the remains of the carapace of a uniquely gargantuan scarab beetle?
  • ... that the Pahmet, or sand dwarves, claim parts of Osirion's southwestern mountains as their sovereign territory?
  • Week 32

    Guide to the River Kingdoms cover

  • ... that Guide to the River Kingdoms includes a chapter by award-winning author China Miéville?
  • ... that Kaer Maga is also known as the Asylum Stone?
  • ... that albino minotaurs are known as Ghost Bulls?
  • ... that the Gold Spider is a dragon that hunts the coastal waters of the desert nation of Thuvia?
  • Week 33

    Falcon's Hollow

  • ... that Falcon's Hollow is one of the oldest logging communities in Andoran?
  • ... that Alkenstar's Gunworks intentionally limits production of firearms to keep their prices high?
  • ... that Lake Nirthran is the largest known body of water in the Darklands realm of Sekamina?
  • ... that Magnimar has an aquarium called the Aquaretum?
  • Week 34

    Isle of Kortos

  • ... that many of the trapper families around Diobel are of Kellid descent?
  • ... that the keepers of the Shrine of the Failed claim no religious affiliation?
  • ... that the Pale River is nicknamed the "Ale River" after its foamy whitecaps during the spring melt?
  • ... that Lamashtu stole dominion over beasts from Curchanus?
  • Week 35

    Her Majestrix's Expeditionary

  • ... that Her Majestrix's Expeditionary works for House Thrune?
  • ... that clergy of Nyarlathotep are granted different powers depending on which aspect of The Crawling Chaos they worship?
  • ... that Pathfinder Targos Min-Katheer was so well regarded that members of the Decemvirate attended his funeral?
  • ... that nearly a third of the Arch of Aroden has collapsed?
  • Week 36

    Pathfinder #1

  • ... that Pathfinder 1 was released with thirteen different covers?
  • ... that in the slang of the Darklands, surface dwellers are referred to as "Deepmeat"?
  • ... that folk tales claim that basilisks hatch from the eggs of a snake that are incubated by roosters?
  • ... that during the Red Revolution Aylsande Benedict magically disguised herself as a soldier named "Captain Hawk"?
  • Week 37


  • ... that the mad, fire-worshiping sorcerer Hendregan has appeared in both Pathfinder Tales novels by Robin D. Laws?
  • ... that the Reign of Winter adventure path will be the twelfth Pathfinder Adventure Path?
  • ... that all player characters in the Shattered Star adventure path are assumed to be members of the Pathfinder Society?
  • ... that the duergar are a race of evil dwarves who inhabit large underground cities in Nar-Voth?
  • Week 38

    The Compass Stone

  • ... that The Compass Stone was was the first and longest piece in the Pathfinder's Journal fiction series?
  • ... that biloko dwell primarily in the rainforests that cover much of the Mwangi Expanse?
  • ... that in Rova of 4700 AR, thirteen eyeless krakens' bodies washed up on the shore of the Isle of Kortos?
  • ... that the Age of Legend ended in -5293 AR with Earthfall and the dawn of the Age of Darkness?
  • Week 39

    Ambusg in Absalom cover

  • ... that Ambush in Absalom was first published in Kobold Quarterly 19?
  • ... that the Nightripper is Lamashtu's favourite torturer and assassin?
  • ... that even though tatzlwyrms lack wings they are actually dragons?
  • ... that kobolds can be many colours including red, black, white, green, and blue?
  • Week 40

    Bastards of Erebus cover

  • ... that Council of Thieves was the first adventure path published for the Pathfinder Rolplaying Game?
  • ... that the Adamant Company is led by the vampire Mykos Roarik?
  • ... that Elaine Cunningham is a fan of the New York Yankees?
  • ... that Blackraven Hall is constructed atop the foundations of a Thassilonian pyramid?
  • Week 41


  • ... that Camazotz's priests were expelled from Orv by followers of the demon lord Abraxas?
  • ... that Hank Woon wrote Pathfinder RPG statistics for Paizo's golem mascot?
  • ... that bulettes are not found in the Mwangi Expanse?
  • ... that hopefuls in the Test of the Starstone have leaped across, flown with magic, and used tightropes to cross the pit to reach the Starstone Cathedral?
  • Week 42

    A gold dragon

  • ... that the last Convocation of Dragons was called by the gold dragon Aostralya in 4607 AR in order to discuss what impact the death of the human god Aroden would have on their kind?
  • ... that The Gargoyles are an elite, hand picked group of skilled cat burglars that rob throughout the wealthy districts of Magnimar?
  • ... that with the advent of the Age of Lost Omens, the reputations of practitioners of divination have been diminished?
  • ... that lost amongst the sands of the Black Desert are many ancient, abandoned cities, built in the style of Ancient Osirion?
  • Week 43


  • ... that after leaving Xin-Shalast, Xanesha travelled to and settled in Magnimar?
  • ... that Madam K's Perfumery serves as a sort of pawn broker for travellers from Tian Xia that must sell possessions to fund their further travels into Avistan?
  • ... that Lion Blades are usually recruited out of the famous bardic colleges of Oppara?
  • ... that the Tors of Levenies boast impressively sized carvings and cave art?
  • Week 44


  • ... that the denizens of Leng have a thriving trade supplying luxuries to the intellect devourers of High Ilvarandin?
  • ... that despite being a source of food for Chelish colonists the Sargavan boar population is actually on the rise?
  • ... that the Tickwood is a favorite spot for hunters because of the lack of otherwise ubiquitous goblins?
  • ... that the Cult of the Dawnflower and the Church of Sarenrae in general were instrumental in Khemet I 's rise to power?
  • Week 45

    Kobold Quarterly 17

  • ... that Kobold Quarterly 17 marked the first appearance of a Pathfinder Society Quest?
  • ... that Shipyard Rats is the only Pathfinder Society Organized Play scenario to have won an ENnie award?
  • ... that the Golden Oasis was the only oasis in Katapesh to survive a 33 day-long sandstorm in 2589 AR?
  • ... that the Age of Legend is known as the Age of Dragons in Tian Xia?
  • Week 46

    Dawn of the Scarlet Sun cover

  • ... that Dawn of the Scarlet Sun has a Pathfinder Battles Encounter Pack designed for use with it?
  • ... that razorcrow feathers are prized by fletchers for their strength?
  • ... that the Earthnavel is guarded by the ghosts of fur-clad warriors from a bygone age?
  • ... that kobolds appear in a variety of colors, including red, black, white, green, and blue?
  • Week 47

    Pathfinder #1 cover

  • ... that Pathfinder 1 features a playable encounter set on Junk Beach?
  • ... that Bloodcove boasts a reptile house named Paulus Herpetorium?
  • ... that the treant Dimari-Diji remembers the fall of the Starstone?
  • ... that Alkenstar City is constantly shrouded in a cloud of steam and sooty smoke due to its countless factories operating around the clock?
  • Week 48

    Aldinach's symbol

  • ... that Aldinach is the daughter of Lamashtu?
  • ... that Neil Spicer once ran a fanzine devoted to Alternity's Star*Drive and Dark•Matter campaign settings?
  • ... that Milani claims a small part of Aroden's former domain on Axis?
  • ... that non-humans make up over twenty percent of Bloodcove's inhabitants?
  • Week 49

    black dragon

  • ... that black dragons have webbed feet?
  • ... that Captain Walren of the Black Mist is prone to whistling to himself?
  • ... that the Black Whale is a prison in Absalom intended for the most notorious and politically sensitive prisoners?
  • ... that the slave-trading settlement of Sedeq is know for its genie binders?
  • Week 50


  • ... Seugathi can repress this hunger and don't have to feed constantly?
  • ... in sufficient numbers, torbles can form a hivemind?
  • ... the gillmen maintain an embassy in Escadar?
  • ... Aylsande Benedict's personal journals were collected and published as Tales of Lady Liberty?
  • Week 51

    Adventurer's Armory cover

  • ... that Adventurer's Armory has been reprinted twice?
  • ... that the first recorded sighting of a mothman was in 4584 AR in the town of Bronze Bridge in Taldor?
  • ... that despite their name, all seven members of the Sons of Rovagug are actually female?
  • ... that Desna makes her home in Cynosure, in a palace called the Sevenfold Cynosure?
  • Week 52

    intellect devourer

  • ... that intellect devourers are unable to feel or experience anything in their natural form?
  • ... that the Pharasmin seer, Alika Epakena, foresaw the Great Fire?
  • ... that the Icerime Peaks mark Brevoy's eastern border with Iobaria?
  • ... that Aldern Foxglove and Ileosa Arabasti were born in the same year?