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Mother Kor

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Mother Kor

The Worm That Guides
Areas of Concern
Sacred Murder
Source: Against the Scarlet Triad, pg(s). 75

Mother Kor, also known as the Worm That Guides, is a lesser Ghol-Gani deity whose areas of concern mostly involve scholarship, magic, and sacred murder. A university known as the Kokori, or College of Worms, serves as her temple.1

She had taught her followers to record and seek knowledge within the bodies of the deceased that were ritually sacrificed. Comprising of a tripartite priesthood, her followers would send out stone-armored guardians to gather intelligent creatures for their rituals, at which point Mother Kor, reveals secrets within the sacrificed corpses.1

Although while most elves allied with the Ghol-Gani found the methods of Mother Kor's followers to be distasteful, the elven populace disregarded the atrocities as mostly condemned criminals were initially sacrificed and the gift of wisdom and magical advancement provided by Mother Kor was too good not to make use of.1


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