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The World-Shaker
He Who Is Massive
Areas of Concern
Great size
Grow as large as you can
Shelter those smaller and weaker than you
Tend large animals and megafauna
Accidentally injure others with your size
Topple a massive natural monument
Use magic to assume a form smaller than you are
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Might, Nature, Perfection, Protection
Favored Weapon
Triangular rune
Sacred Animal
Big animals
Source: Lost Omens The Mwangi Expanse, pg(s). 134

Balumbdar is a god of big things that tower over small things, and of strength born of great size. Creatures of great size and dominant natural features are sacred to him.1


Balumbdar is considered brutish and dim-witted by most other gods, but always commands respect due to his towering size.1


Balumbdar often takes the form of a giant of a man with slabs of muscle and equally thick rolls of fat, a city-sized animal, or imposing clouds, heavy with rain and low to the ground.1


While Balumbdar himself cares little about how great size is used, his followers are generally divided into two groups: evil ones who see it natural for the big to tread on the small, and good ones who believe that the big have an obligation to protect the small. Druids who venerate Balumbdar for his connection to nature often adopt the care of animals much bigger or smaller than they are, to demonstrate his guardianship of small creatures.1

The Elephant People worship Balumbdar as the nameless divine patron who sent elephants to the world to protect others. Balumbdar does not care that these people have no name for him, and speaks to them through the elephants that serve him.1

A shrine to Balumbdar located near the peak of Mount K'walder in the Terwa Uplands of Garund is kept by the Mbe'ke dwarf Blegkenu the Pious.2


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