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Titles The Warmth of the Hearth
Alignment Lawful good
Areas of Concern Hearth
Worshipers Catfolk
Edicts Keep your counsel
Follow your heart
Appreciate a warm hearth
Defend those who welcome you into their home
Anathema Force anyone into drudgery or mindless work
Deny support to loved ones
Surrender when escape is an

Destroy a place that has given you shelter

Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E) Duty, Family, Protection, Repose
Favored Weapon Claw or kukri
Symbol Paw print in orange
Sacred Animal Cat

Source: The Mwangi Expanse, pg(s). 132

Adanye is a goddess said to be the mentor of the first catfolk, teaching them both combat and the importance of the hearth, the home and the right to solitude and self-determination. She protects the safety and sense of self of curious wanderers, honours the time daydreaming on the hearth, understands that a retreat is sometimes the best protection, and reminds her followers of the security of a spot of one's own and the importance of the presence, instead of the past or future.[1]


Adanye is an ally of Desna and Shelyn due to their shared interest in dreamers and individualism. She has long been a rival of Bastet but rarely bothers with feuding.[1]

Appearance and emissaries

Adanye is depicted as either an old catfolk woman or a cat by the hearth fire, with large, gentle, wise eyes.[1]


Temples and shrines

There are no temples to Adanye outside of Murraseth, only small shrines erected by travellers near rarely-tread mountain trails or in the corners of other gods' temples. Her holy symbol is usually sketched or painted on a fallen log or in a hidden corner of a building.[1]


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