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The Warmth of the Hearth
Areas of Concern
Keep your counsel
Follow your heart
Appreciate a warm hearth
Defend those who welcome you into their home
Force anyone into drudgery or mindless work
Deny support to loved ones
Surrender when escape is an option
Destroy a place that has given you shelter
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Duty, family, protection, repose
Alternative: confidence, fire
Favored Weapon
Claw or kukri
Paw print in orange or flames
Sacred Animal
Source: The Mwangi Expanse, pg(s). 132

Adanye is a goddess said to be the mentor of the first catfolk, teaching them both combat and the importance of the hearth, the home, and the right to solitude and self-determination. She protects the safety and sense of self of curious wanderers, honours the time daydreaming on the hearth, understands that a retreat is sometimes the best protection, and reminds her followers of the security of a spot of one's own and the importance of the present, instead of the past or future.1


Adanye is an ally of Desna and Shelyn due to their shared interest in dreamers and individualism. She has long been a rival of Bastet but rarely bothers with feuding.1

Appearance and emissaries

Adanye is depicted as either an old catfolk woman or a cat by the hearth fire, with large, gentle, wise eyes.1


Temples and shrines

There are no temples to Adanye outside of Murraseth, only small shrines erected by travellers near rarely trod mountain trails or in the corners of other gods' temples. Her holy symbol is usually sketched or painted on a fallen log or in a hidden corner of a building.1


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