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PathfinderWiki:Did you know/2014

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This is an archive of all Did You Know? articles in 2014.

Week 1


  • ... that despite the fact that bebiliths are native to the Abyss, they are not demons?
  • ... that rather than the longbow, halflings consider the sling as Erastil's weapon?
  • ... that Linnorms roam the First World?
  • ... that gillmen, dark folk, mongrelmen, and morlocks are said to be descended from the Azlanti? 

    Week 2


  • ... that the plural of cyclops is "cyclopes"?
  • ... that stone giants mummify prominent members of their tribes?
  • ... that legend has it that guiltgorger giants were formed from drops of Rovagug's spilled blood?
  • ... that marsh giants believe that they can gain spiritual supremacy by consuming the spirits of other living creatures?

    Week 3

    The Isle of Kortos

  • ... that Aroden raised the Isle of Kortos from the sea floor in 1 AR?
  • ... that teleportation magic tends to be unreliable in the Kortos Mounts?
  • ... that the Kortos Cavalry patrols the streets of Westgate as the Sally Guard?
  • ... that the city hall of Dawnfoot is housed in a converted siege engine?

    Week 4

    Baba Yaga has quelled many a rebellion against her rule

  • ... that Baba Yaga hid part of Kostchtchie's soul in an artifact?
  • ... that Queen Jadwiga was installed as the first queen or Irrisen in 3313 AR?
  • ... that Zorka is a fey who serves as Baba Yaga's housekeeper?
  • ... that Irrisen is divided into six provinces?

    Week 5

    A female member of the Decemvirate

  • ... that members of the Decemvirate wear artifacts known as Decemvirate Helms?
  • ... that Shevala Iorae was the first person to discover how to unlock the Spire of Nex?
  • ... that the stone ring of Kaer Maga predates the Empire of Thassilon?
  • ... that the Sellen River moves more water than all the other rivers that touch the Inner Sea combined?

    Week 6

    holy symbol of Gozreh

  • ... that the Bonuwat worship a janiform amalgam of Gozreh and Desna, whom they call Shimye-Magalla?
  • ... that the Seven Tooth goblins do not have a set leader?
  • ... that Sandpoint is fifty miles from Magnimar?
  • ... that Gorvi sports a multitude of tattoos?

    Week 7

    Sajan Gadadvara

    Week 9


      • … the gillmen maintain an embassy in Escadar?
      • … that the genetic influence of the Azlanti is noticeable in today's Taldans and Chelaxians?
      • … that on average, the Sightless Sea is a mile deep, but in places it is much deeper?
      • … that the aboleth sometimes rewarded loyal Azlanti leaders with cloaker bodyguards and assassins?

    Week 11

    Aram Zey

    Week 12


    Week 13


    Week 14

    Beginner Box

      • … that the Beginner Box has won three ENnie awards, including Product of the Year?
      • … that the aklys is a favored weapon of the Derro?
      • … that today most serpentfolk are degenerate barbarians?
      • … that The Hagfish is known for the best seafood dinners in Sandpoint?

    Week 15

    Asmodeus' holy symbol

    Week 16

    an astradaemon

    Week 17

    a  kobold

      • … that kobolds' scales appear in a variety of colors, including red, black, white, green, and blue?
      • … that despite their name, cutlass spiders are actually constructs?
      • … that the Pactmasters of Katapesh are Witchwyrds?
      • … that when the light of Carcosa's star shines in another planet's night sky, Hastur's power on that planet grows stronger?

    Week 18


    Week 19

    Ed Greenwood

      • … that Ed Greenwood lives in a farmhouse in Ontario, Canada?
      • … that the second floor of Ferox's Garrison houses a huge library and an alchemist's lab?
      • … that a group of Chelish treasure hunters recently failed to return from a foray into the ruined city of Nagisa?
      • … that the lake monster Vorndra is said to live in Lake Vorn?

    Week 20

    the runelord Alaznist

    Week 21

    Keren Rhinn

    Week 22


    Week 23

    Water Yai

    Week 24

    earth elemental

    Week 25

    Jamus Hainard

      • … that Jamus Hainard serves as a mentor to young heroes?
      • … that Fort Bandu has a garrison of 150 soldiers?
      • … that Strigoi are the ancestors of modern vampires?
      • … that a typical basilisk is twelve to fifteen feet in length?

    Week 26

    A ratfolk archer

    Week 27

    Desna holy symbol.jpg

    Week 28

    Osirion symbol.jpg

    Week 29

    Coin pile.jpeg

    Week 30


    Week 31

    Harrow cricket.jpg

    Week 32


      • … that Glabrezu are sometimes known as "treachery demons"?
      • … that the Antarkos Ocean is the largest body of water on Golarion?
      • … that Jurakuma put out his only eye after he witnessed the doom of his entire tribe?
      • … that Jukamis can be boiled down into a paste and used to seal structures and boats?

    Week 33


    Week 34

    Dark Water Rising.jpg

    Week 35

    Zon-Kuthon holy symbol.jpeg

    Week 36

    Ratfolk archer.jpg

    Week 37


    Week 38

    Duergar abduction.jpg

    Week 39


    Week 40

    Mwangi Expanse symbol.jpg

    Week 41

    First guard.jpg

    Week 42


    Week 43

    Gorum holy symbol.jpg

    Week 44

    Rob McCreary.jpg

    Week 45

    Magma dragon.jpg

    Week 46

    Diobel map.png

    Week 47


    Week 48

    Blue dragon pawn.jpg

    Week 49

    Belor Hemlock official.jpg

    Week 50


    Week 51


    Week 52


    Week 53