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Rider of Pestilence
Horseman of Pestilence
Prince of Locusts
Prince of Plagues
Areas of Concern
Evil druids, lepers, plague carriers, sufferers of pandemics, urdefhans, wererats
End all mortal life through disease or poison, cultivate diseased animals
Prevent plagues, bury or burn the dead
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Air, Darkness, Destruction, Evil
Subdomains (1E)
Catastrophe, Daemon, Loss, Night, Plague
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Air, decay, plague, swarm
Favored Weapon
Diseased yellow scythe
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 20f. (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 86, 128
f. (2E)

(daemon, evil, extraplanar)
Any (Abaddon)
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 160
The Apocalypse Riders ride out with Apollyon on the far right.

Apollyon (pronounced uh-POL-yuhn)1 is the ram-headed Rider of Pestilence2 and one of the most powerful Apocalypse Riders in Abaddon.3 Sometimes referred to as the Prince of Locusts, Apollyon sends forth plagues and diseases throughout the planes in an effort to increase his power above his fellow Riders.


Apollyon generally appears as a pockmarked man with the head of a sickly ram. His cloak is fashioned from the flayed skin of a dozen angels, each of whom had invaded Abaddon to kill the Rider and free the damned souls under his control.4


Apollyon became the Rider of Pestilence when his predecessor, Yrsinius, vanished in the Maelstrom. After their master's disappearance, Yrsinius' minions fought among themselves until Apollyon emerged as the victor; half of his rivals died to his blows, while the others fled to serve the other Riders, withdrew into the unclaimed parts of Abaddon, or left the plane entirely. While it is rumored that Yrsinius was killed by the protean Chorus of Malignant Symmetry, this has not been proven; the other three Riders nonetheless rode on the Maelstrom and slaughtered a number of choruses and a protean elder, then deposited the elder's corpse in the Plaguemere to rot, where it remains to this day.4


He rules from the Throne of Flies, a palace and throne thought to be the body of a dead godling, located in the festering pits and shriveled forests of the Plaguemere.56


Apollyon's cults consider evil druids, as well as the cults of Rovagug, Urgathoa, and Ghlaunder allies. However, Ghlaunder is aware of the daemons' goal to exterminate the universe and knows that their relationship will end in hostility.4


Among the creatures under his control are his deacons: the sinister leukodaemons, whom he sends into the world to collect souls on his behalf.78 He also occasionally allies himself with a race of disease-loving div known as the pairaka.9 Apollyon, along with Trelmarixian, has a large following among the daemon-spawn urdefhan, whom he entrusts with spreading the diseases he and his servitors develop.4

The white apocalypse horse Septisaeus serves as Apollyon's mount. Particularly favored servitors may also receive one of the Ushers of the Black Rain bows empowered by the Rider with fragments of the souls of the angels flayed alive to fashion his cloak.4


Mortal cultists of Apollyon know that the Rider values results more than their adoration.4


Devoted worshipers of the Rider of Pestilence can gain special powers by actively spreading disease through a population by any number of vectors, including handing out contaminated clothing and bedding, fouling water supplies, or personally acting as a carrier.4

Unholy symbol

His unholy symbol is a diseased-looking yellow scythe covered in boils, polyps, and fleshy tendrils.10


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