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Velstrac demagogue

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Velstrac demagogue
Sugroz, a velstrac demagogue.
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar, kyton, lawful)
CR 26-30
Environment Shadow Plane
Images of velstrac demagogues

Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 120

The powerful velstrac rulers called velstrac demagogues are demigods possessing strength hardly fathomable by mortals. They exist within a power structure similar to that of archdevils in Hell, and lesser velstracs view these overseers as horrid sovereigns among their kind. Velstracs who wander through a demagogue's territory know to show respect for these lords of suffering.[1]


Each demagogue's appearance is a unique perfection of self-disfigurement. Some are strangely beautiful, while others are horrors beyond description.[1]


A demagogue's powers are vaster than even many of their velstrac kin dare consider. Each controls as much of the realm around their constructed realms as they can, a feat that proves forever challenging in the dark, shifting corners of the Shadow Plane. Though one rarely finds reason to leave the confines of its home plane, a demagogue's influence is far-reaching, and velstracs who value their lives do as they are commanded lest they incite the awful and calculating rage of a mighty overlord.[1]

Velstrac demagogues rarely oppose each other directly, but prefer to act through proxies, in the process evaluating the performance and ambition of their minions.[1]

Known velstrac demagogues

The nine velstrac demagogues live in the Shadow Plane, where they watch over their pulsating kingdoms in massive, gory towers.[2]

At least two demagogues are imprisoned in the Shadow Plane; none of the existing ones admit responsibility for their imprisonment.[1]


Paizo published a major article on demagogues in The City Outside of Time p. 74–79.

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