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Week 1

holy symbol of Sun Wukong

  • ... that Sun Wukong loves traveling the Material Plane in the guise of a drunken human martial artist?
  • ... that the Songil Sea is comparatively warm for its latitude thanks to a warm current that runs through it from the Okaiyo Ocean?
  • ... that Ratfolk inhabit not only Golarion, but also Akiton and to a lesser extent Castrovel?
  • ... that the Wall of Heaven runs along practically the entire western coast of Tian Xia?
  • Week 2

    Krune, Runelord of Sloth

  • ... that Krune was not only the Runelord of Sloth, but also the high priest of the goddess Lissala?
  • ... that the island of Irrere in the Ironbound Archipelago is independent, and isn't considered part of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings?
  • ... that the Western Ravage is a large, magic-dead valley in the Shattered Range, on the westernmost edge of the Mana Wastes, where tribes of hill giants, ogres and ettins thrive?
  • ... that the short story "Thieves Vinegar" marks the third appearance of Galtan alchemist Norret Gantier?
  • Week 3


  • ... that sepids originate in the depths of Abaddon?
  • ... that the People of the Stirge have over 190 songs that describe the horror of an owlbear attack?
  • ... that emberstorms typically have winds of 30 miles per hour?
  • ... that Gojan the Sharp cataloged the seven different types of Numerian skymetal?
  • Week 4


  • ... that akata weigh around 400 pounds?
  • ... that scholars believe that there are portals on Apostae which lead to places outside of the solar system?
  • ... that comets play a role in the religions of Dahak, Pharasma, Rovagug, and Xhamen-Dor?
  • ... that one of the few works describing the Dark Tapestry is a work of starry observations and occult lore entitled On Verified Madness?
  • Week 5

    Magnimar skyline

  • ... that Magnimar was founded in 4608 AR?
  • ... that trade is heavy through the Varisian Gulf, as are pirates looking for plunder?
  • ... that manipulating adamantine requires special forges capable of reaching extreme temperatures due to its high melting point?
  • ... that traditionally, klars are made form the skull of a horned spirestalker?
  • Week 6


  • ... that neothelids possess a wide array of psychic powers including the ability to fly and communicate telepathically?
  • ... that the largest cult of Shub-Niggurath operates in the Lake Encarthan region?
  • ... that in 4708 AR a group of denizens of Leng attempted to awaken Mhar?
  • ... that cloakers have been known to tattoo thenmselves?
  • Week 7

    James Jacobs

  • ... that James Jacobs' favourite movie is Alien?
  • ... that the Marbledome is owned by House Jeggare?
  • ... that The Sordaiv is unique amongst the tribes that serve the vicious Carrion King for they are the only tribe that is not made up of gnolls?
  • ... that some of the ancient Azlanti captured will-o'-wisps and bottled them to serve as street lights and living art pieces?
  • Week 8

    Exterior of Foxglove Manor as viewed from the old well.

  • ... that Foxglove Manor was constructed in 4624 AR?
  • ... that Aldern Foxglove and his siblings were raised largely in Korvosa?
  • ... that the abyssal layer of Basalfeyst was once part of Hell?
  • ... that "Twice-Born" is a term used in Kaer Maga to refer to undead?
  • Week 9

    Black dragon

  • ... that the last Convocation of Dragons was in 4607 AR?
  • ... that as a younger man Varian Jeggare penned the Bestiary of Garund?
  • ... that Charda take about eight months to hatch?
  • ... that the day-to-day management of the Lumber Consortium is handled by on-site foremen known as "gavels"?
  • Week 10


  • ... that Andoran's ruling body is a group of 350 representatives known as the People's Council?
  • ... that the Lumber Consortium was founded almost 3000 years ago?
  • ... that Darkwood leaves can be fermented into a potent alcoholic beverage?
  • ... that outside of Katapesh, Darkmoon Vale is the largest supplier of pesh to nations of Avistan?
  • Week 11


  • ... that although he was born in Kyonin, Damiel now calls Daggermark home?
  • ... that the Winter Council formed the Lantern Bearers in response to the discovery of the drow?
  • ... that Candlaron the Sculptor is said to have created the first elf gates?
  • ... that warships are not allowed to dock in Greengold?
  • Week 12

    Mark Moreland

  • ... that PathfinderWiki's own Mark Moreland's first writing credit for Paizo was The Pallid Plague?
  • ... that astradaemons hunt the souls of deceased mortals in the Astral Plane?
  • ... that many half-orcs believe that Gorum is secretly a half-orc himself?
  • ... that the motto of House Graydon is "Guardians of the Dawn"?
  • Week 13

    Symbol of Mestama

  • ... that worshipers of Mestama frequently meet in abandoned buildings (especially churches and schools) and islands in the middle of swamps?
  • ... that according to frost giant myths, the god Thremyr fell into the Steaming Sea in ancient times?
  • ... that some stone giants live as long as 1000 years?
  • ... that having your building sport a carving by Jervis Stoot was once a source of pride in Sandpoint?
  • Week 14

    holy symbol of Cayden Cailean

  • ... that few buildings exist that serve primarily as a house dedicated to the worship of Cayden Cailean?
  • ... that the predictions of the Norns are strangely accurate, even when most prophecies fail during the Age of Lost Omens?
  • ... that the wreck of the Merry Widow now serves as a temple dedicated to Besmara?
  • ... that serpentfolk become adults at age 50?
  • Week 15

    Exploring the Ruins of Kho

  • ... that the Ruins of Kho were once the capital of the Shory empire??
  • ... that Korvosa mints its own currency?
  • ... that elves find vorpal weapons to be inelegant?
  • ... that the only known frost giant city is Holvirgang?
  • Week 16


  • ... that a carbuncle's gem-like horn usually crumbles to dust when removed from its body?
  • ... that Belor Hemlock changed his last name from the Shoanti "Viskalai"?
  • ... that young maftets are considered adult at age twelve when they undergo ancient rituals marking the transition to adulthood?
  • ... that derro have only four fingers?
  • Week 17


  • ... that each wayfinder has a unique behaviour which is only revealed when fitted with an ioun stone?
  • ... that Blakros women have married a variety of nobles from various lands including; Qadiran pashas, Vudran rajahs, and more than one Mwangi tribal chief?
  • ... that Grand Lodge's Repository is staffed by 66 tongue-less criminals that serve as scribes?
  • ... that Heidmarch Manor boasts an impressive collection of Thassilonian artifacts?
  • Week 18


  • ... that the Imperial Calendar is exactly 2,500 years ahead of the Absalom Reckoning calendar used in the Inner Sea region?
  • ... that Gladdringgar is the dwarven tradition of carving one's personal rune in stone on the deepest cave or tunnel one has explored?
  • ... that having a tengu as a crew member is considered good luck amongst pirates of the Inner Sea?
  • ... that every act of smelting and smithing is considered a prayer to Torag?
  • Week 19


  • ... that Laurel is half Garundi?
  • ... that the Forae Logos is the largest library in Absalom?
  • ... that History and Future of Humanity contains primers on medicine and engineering?
  • ... that demonic scorpion-like creatures inhabit much of the Sea of Whispering Sands?
  • Week 20


  • ... that the Pactmasters stand 7 feet tall?
  • ... that twice a year Katapesh suffers fierce thunderstorms that can last for several weeks?
  • ... that the Sable Sands draws all sorts of living dead towards it?
  • ... that the shrine at Sleeping Dove is said to repel evil creatures?
  • Week 21

    Ankheg hunt

  • ... that the ashen and brick-colored gargoyles of the Ashwing tribe call the Cinderlands home?
  • ... that Major Colson Maldris once rejected a proposal of marriage from Michellia Blakros?
  • ... that the Vudrani claim a history of 50,000 years?
  • ... that carbauxine gas is used to create exceedingly hot flames that can be used for smelting mithral or even skymetals?
  • Week 22

    Risen Guard

  • ... that the Risen Guard is under the command of the Khopeshman of Sothis?
  • ... that the motto of House Darahan is "We Are the Wall"?
  • ... that Torag wields Kaglemros (Dwarven for "forger of many weapons")?
  • ... that membership in the Kortos Cavalry is open to anyone?
  • Week 23

    an enraged shantak

  • ... that shantaks are capable of interplanetary flight?
  • ... that the Aspis Consortium is lead by the mysterious Aspis Prophet?
  • ... that most of the money in Macridi is made in the logging industry?
  • ... that a jabberwock's violent motions naturally create strong winds that hinder their foes?
  • Week 24

    a mite

  • … that mites have a particular hatred for svirfneblin?
  • … that the faithful of Arqueros show their devotion by holding a heavy shield overhead for an hour every day.
  • … that Osirion is home to a species of giant, black crocodiles called Hetkoshu?
  • … that Kostchtchie's desire for immortality led him to bargain with Baba Yaga? 

  • Week 25

    a mite

  • … that despite being half of its former size, Cheliax is still one of the largest countries in the Inner Sea region?
  • … that the dragon Asuulek is the namesake of one of Osirion's two volcanoes?
  • … that Morlocks are descendants of the ancient Azlanti?
  • … that the Rusty Dragon is the oldest inn in Sandpoint?
  • Week 26

    wild boar

  • … that the Tickwood is a favorite spot for local hunters, as it is home to many deer, wild boars, and even the occasional firepelt cougar?
  • … that goblins from the Mosswood are known to fish in Biston's Pond?
  • … that lumberjacks use the Turandarok River to transport logs from the upstream woodlands to the saw mills of Sandpoint?
  • … that Habe's Sanatorium is formally known as the Saintly Haven of Respite?
  • Week 27

    Mountain climbers.jpg

  • … that the Kodar Mountains are known to the Shoanti as the "World's Roof"?
  • … that some Varisians call the Lands of the Linnorm Kings home?
  • … that Halgrim is ruled by the only female Linnorm King, White Estrid?
  • … that many of the inhabitants of Losthome are descendants of refugees from the Winter War?
  • Week 28


  • … that the rulers of the shaitan are known as Pashas?
  • … that the proteans claim that the qlippoth already existed when the Abyss first opened to the rest of the Great Beyond?
  • … that garudas are the mortal enemies of nagas?
  • … that Naunets are often to be found patrolling near the borders of the Maelstrom?
  • Week 29

    Dinosaur boat chase.jpg

  • … that Tyrannosauruses are sometimes found in packs of up to a half dozen?
  • … that Belor Hemlock changed his last name from its native "Viskalai" to the Chelish translation of "Hemlock"?
  • … that Turtleback Ferry was flooded in 4707 AR?
  • … that the Shattered Range is notoriously hard to navigate, and can only be passed with any ease at two points?
  • Week 30

    Alkenstar symbol.jpg

  • … that Alkenstar imports most of its food from its southern neighbour of Geb?
  • … that as a mark of friendship, Geb makes an annual gift of corpses and slaves to the ghoul city of Nemret Noktoria?
  • … that Nex gained control of the isle of Jalmeray in 253 AR and later gifted it to the maharaja of Vudra?
  • … that prior to the war between Nex and Geb, there were a number of cities in the Mana Wastes?
  • Week 31


  • … that in Cheliax, some outcast centaurs have joined the ranks of the Hellknights?
  • … that Diobel's chief governor is appointed by the Grand Council of Absalom?
  • … that naval battles between Absalom, Andoran, Cheliax, Osirion, Qadira, and Taldor are commonplace in the Inner Sea?
  • … that Escadar is the home of the majority of Absalom's navy?
  • Week 32

    Iomedae ascendant.jpg

  • … that Iomedae was the last mortal to pass the Test of the Starstone and ascend to godhood?
  • … that the Black Mask costume shop is secretly a temple to the god Norgorber?
  • … that the Ascendant Court lies at the heart of Absalom?
  • … that the bridge at the Starstone Cathedral representing Aroden's ascension collapsed in a massive earthquake in 4698 AR?
  • Week 33


  • … that the Runelord Alaznist created reefclaws in order to protect her rivers and other bodies of water?
  • … that all oni have a form based on a specific humanoid race?
  • … that goblins refer to their creation myths as the First Songs?
  • … that the motto of the Hellknight Order of the Gate is "Judgment in the face of depravity"?
  • Week 34

    GenCon exclusive cover of Goblins! #1

  • … that Goblins! #1 features a story by Paizo's own Erik Mona?
  • … that artist Andrew Huerta is a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco?
  • … that Dark Waters Rising includes an exclusive 10 page bonus story, "The Last Mosswood Goblin"?
  • … that Pathfinder #1 was originally released in 13 different covers, including seven limited editions?
  • Week 35

    Holy symbel of Torag

    Week 37


      • … that Shax's realm resembles an endless series of rooms each filled with horrific torture implements?
      • … that the demon lord Aolar was killed, and her Abyssal fortress destroyed, by a vengeful Desna?
      • … that Treerazer was banished to Golarion sometime during the Age of Darkness?
      • … that Lamashtu is not usually worshiped in man-made buildings, but rather rings of stones, pillars, trees, wooden blocks, pits in the ground, or flat rocks?

    Week 38

    Channa Ti

    Week 39


      • … that Cerberi are supposedly descended from one ancient, mythical sire, an infernal beast that still guards some forgotten corner of Hell?
      • … that the source of the Maiestas River is near Mount Rinia?
      • … that at the centre of Minos-Pashat there is a huge pillar of stone, thousands of feet in diameter?
      • … that Xin ruled until the age of one hundred and ten?

    Week 40


    Week 41

    Abrogail Thrune II

    Week 42

    The Outcast King

      • … that as part of his curse, the Outcast King has lost the use of his magical abilities?
      • … that most edavagors are hunters and trackers in the service of Barbatos?
      • … that most erinyes are sculpted from the essences of fallen celestials?
      • … that hamatulas can most often be found guarding the dark treasury of Erebus?

    Week 43


    Week 44

    Venture Captain Amara Li

  • ... that although Tian is considered a single ethnicity in the Inner Sea region, it is more properly a label for seven different but related ones.
  • ... that much of Peijia is uninhabited?
  • ... that ogre tribes are ruled over by a 'pappy' the strongest, most powerful, most virile male of the tribe?
  • ... that Grandmother Pei is the sixth and last wife of the Bachuan's founder, Grandfather Pei?
  • Week 45

  • ... that the Numerian mage Karamoss unsuccessfully laid siege to Absalom in 3637 AR.?
  • ... that the Black Sovereign has a cousin named Kragreth-Kol?
  • ... that members of the Technic League have procured countless technological artifacts from Silver Mount and other Numerian ruins through the years?
  • ... that A Thread of Silver is an early survey of the chambers and artifacts found inside Silver Mount?
  • Week 46

    Lady's Light

    Week 47

    A goblin skulks around Junk Beach

    Week 48

    The Tarrasque at the Pit of Gormuz

      • … that legend also holds that it was the Tarrasque that brought about the fall of the flying Shory city of Kho?
      • … that the insignia of the Diamond Regiment includes a single red diamond denoting sacrifice?
      • … that No-Horn's sign depicts a hornless unicorn being tormented by drunken devils?
      • … that warrens under Paupers' Graves extend throughout the region, reaching under Devil's Platter and even to the old smuggler's tunnels beneath Sandpoint?

    Week 49

    The Red Raven

    Week 50

    Map of the Ivy District

      • … that the Ivy District is one of the safer parts of Absalom?
      • … that the demiplane know as the Lost adapts itself to the childhood fantasies of its inhabitants and visitors?
      • … that it is theorised that due to their similar appearance, behirs may be somehow related to the conniving blue dragons?
      • … that Marcellano Ratarion is often pushed out of investigations by the overzealous Hellknights?

    Week 51

    A Nosoi

  • ... that like their mistress Pharasma, psychopomps revile the undead as a perversion of the natural course of death?
  • ... that garudas are the mortal enemies of nagas?
  • ... that the dwarven hold of Zavaten Gura is the most heavily populated area of the Crown of the World?
  • ... that according to the myths of many cultures, hadhayosh are often the favoured beasts of burden of the gods?
  • Week 52

    A gelugon, or ice devil

  • ... that Gelugons or ice devils are the strategic geniuses guiding Hell's armies?
  • ... that although they are typically halfling-sized, chokers the size of adult humans have been reported?
  • ... that a remorhaz grows to around 25 feet in length, and weighs upwards of 10,000 pounds?
  • ... that faceless stalkers are a product of aboleth breeding programs?