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PathfinderWiki:Did you know/2015

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This is an archive of all Did You Know? articles in 2015.

Week 1


Week 2

Year of the Risen Rune logo.jpg

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5

Spectral dead.jpg

Week 6

This round's on Lem.jpg

Week 7


Week 8

Orc warlord.jpg

Week 9


Week 10

Gorum holy symbol.jpg

Week 11

Djinni from Diamond in the Rough.jpg

    • … that noble djinn, also known as viziers, grant three wishes to anyone who captures them?
    • … that mithral cookware is non-stick?
    • … that rule over Oyster Cay is disputed as part of a lovers' quarrel?
    • … that the Shoanti word tshamek is a slur used against outsiders?

Week 12


Week 13


    • … that Westcrown was once a center of worship to Aroden?
    • … that basilisks are sometimes referred to as the "King of Serpents"?
    • … that the "Lady Liberty", Alysande Benedict served as an apprentice scribe?
    • … that the streets of Osibu are literally paved with gold?

Week 14

Prince in Chains.jpg

Week 15


Week 16

Milani holy symbol.jpg

Week 17


Week 18


Week 19


Week 20


Week 21

Nethys holy symbol.jpg

    • … that Nethys is one of only two mortals to have ascended to godhood without the aid of the Starstone?
    • … that Kembe consists of three concentric rings of buildings?
    • … that the Lantern Lodge sports many furnishings imported from Absalom?
    • … that torbles are known as "ooze bugs" by common folk?

Week 22

Arch of Aroden.jpg

Week 23

Ogre vs Varisian.jpg

    • … that you can learn a lot about a Varisian's ancestry by studying his or her colorful kapenia?
    • … that the Varisian language is known for its subtle nuances and double-meanings that are perfect for innuendos?
    • … that others see Varisians as swindlers and thieves, but this generally only true of the Sczarni?
    • … that many Varisians have birth tattoos of identifiable shapes that transform as they age?

Week 24

Norgorber holy symbol.jpg

    • … that worshipers of Norgorber are considered cultists by nearly all inhabitants of the Inner Sea region?
    • … that cornugons regenerate rapidly from wounds?
    • … that blue dragons have the strongest lungs of all dragonkind?
    • … that Eox is surrounded by deadly, mutagenic magical radiation fields?

Week 25

Spider attack.jpg

Week 26

Druma symbol.jpg

Week 27

Castrovel symbol.svg

Week 28

Acadamae students.jpg

Week 29


Week 30

Wolf ring.jpg

Week 31

Lady's Light.jpg

Week 32

Whispering Way follower.jpg

Week 33


Week 34

Gray Gardener from Paths of Prestige.jpg

Week 35

Pathfinder 5 Scalera virgin.jpg

Week 36

Meeting Longdreamer.jpg

Week 37

Mendev symbol.jpg

Week 38

Qi Zhong holy symbol.jpg

Week 39

Asmodeus holy symbol.jpg

Week 40

Prophecies of the Kalistrade symbol.jpg

Week 41

A triaxian.

    • … that Triaxians have short white fur if born in their long winters, and dark skin if born in its summers, including those not born on Triaxus?
    • … that Triaxus is home to many dragons and draconic-blooded Triaxians?
    • … that Baba Yaga can speak the Triaxian language?
    • … that the color of the chromatic dragons who rule Triaxus's Drakelands vary by season?

Week 42

An arctic tatzlwyrm.

Week 43

Kagur, a Kellid woman

Week 44

A wererat.

Week 45

An Elysian titan.

    • … that there are two constellations named after gigas: Gigas Major and Gigas Minor?
    • … that gigas were born from the footsteps of the titans as they trod through the Great Beyond?
    • … that they are said to have created creatures of enormous size including rocs and immense vermin?
    • … that Axis gigas are said to wait below the streets of the Eternal City?

Week 46

Jelani, a sand-dancer janni.

Week 47


    • … that Outsea, a city designed for aquatic beings, has fresh- and salt-water districts?
    • … that the merfolk settlement of Chosovosei lies at the bottom of an ocean trench?
    • … that merfolk now inhabit some of the underwater ruins of Azlant?
    • … that giant water yai take the forms of enormous merfolk in water?

Week 48

A participant at the Seven Veils masquerade ball.

Week 49

The demon lord Deskari.

Week 50

The holy symbol of Dahak.

Week 51

Radovan Virholt.

Week 52


Week 53