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PathfinderWiki:Did you know/2016

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This is an archive of all Did You Know? articles in 2016.

Week 1


Week 2

Bernaditi, a crocodile-headed rakshasa.

Week 3

A Jalmeri man.

Week 4


Week 5

A caulborn.

Week 7

Amaya Kaijitsu.

Week 8

A hobgoblin.

Week 9

Stone giants battle a gigas.

Week 10

Moments after Iomedae's apotheosis.

Week 11

Duergar abduct Lem.

Week 12

Shardra Geltl, iconic dwarven shaman.

Week 13

An axiomite.

Week 14

A depiction of Gozreh's dualistic nature

Week 15

A panorama of Sothis.

Week 16

The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga on the flag of Irrisen.

Week 17

A depiction of Urgathoa

    • … that Urgathoa was thought to have been the first undead?
    • … that the goddess' unholy text, Serving Your Hunger, is also a cookbook?
    • … that the Pallid Princess' greatest temple is the Cathedral of Epiphenomena in Geb?
    • … that dedicated priests of the goddess go on ceremonial slaughtering sprees known as Reapings?

Week 18

Even paladins can fall from grace

Week 19

A kobold with a crossbow

    • … that the Black Claws have created one-way tunnels that funnel Darklands creatures past their territory, releasing onto the surface?
    • … that young Black Claws coat their digits with spider venom as a coming-of-age ritual that can kill them?
    • … that King Vexatox believes himself to have true dragon blood and a draconic mandate to rule?
    • … that the Black Claws are said to be allied with the drow deeper in the Darklands?

Week 21

A skinsaw cultist.

Week 22

A dream spider whose venom is used to make the drug shiver.

Week 23

A Hellknight

Week 24

Khorramzadeh, the Storm King

Week 25

Flag of the city of Segada

Week 26

The Pathfinder Osprey

Week 27

A vegepygmy warrior

Week 28

An astradaemon

Week 30

A loci spirit

Week 31

A black dragon

    • … that black dragons sometimes deface their horns to make themselves look more ferocious?
    • … that unique among chromatic dragons, black dragons have webbed feet?
    • … that black dragons often do not sleep on their treasure hoards, as the combined weight might sink their marshy homes?
    • … that black dragons hate all other forms of life, especially other black dragons?

Week 32

A Magaambyan initiate

Week 33

The flag of Irrisen

Week 35

The logo for the Strange Aeons Adventure Path

Week 36

A map of Bloodsworn Vale

Week 37

A kobold shaman

    • … that most kobolds only live around 30 years, but some have been known to live to 140?
    • … that kobolds have been known to use trained or magically control bulettes to help them on the battlefield and with tunneling?
    • … that kobolds of the Sewer Dragon tribe live below the streets of Absalom and sell their tunneling and trapmaking skills to the highest bidder?
    • … that most kobold tribes roughly follow the edicts of communism, with all members sharing resources and working for the greater good of the whole?

Week 38

The half-eleven swashbuckler Jirelle

Week 39

DYK:2016 week 39

Week 40

Freelance author extraordinaire, Clinton Boomer

Week 42

The empyreal lord Ragathiel leads an assault on the forces of evil.

Week 43

A human sex worker

Week 44

Queen Ileosa protected by her Grey Maidens

Week 46

The Taldan Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng

Week 47

The Harlot Queen Arazni, ruler of Geb

Week 48

An owlbear moves though its forest habitat.

Week 49

The Burnt Saffron, a slave galley.

Week 50


Week 51

Seoni takes part in an occult ritual

Week 52

Winterborn Triaxian dragonriders battle over Triaxus.

Week 53

Winterborn Triaxian dragonriders battle over Triaxus.