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Numerous books, scrolls, plays, poems, and other works have been written in the thousands of years of Golarion's history.

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Named works


Abrogail I
An inflammatory satirical play about the Chelish queen written by Pezzacki insurgent Amalia Wraxton, Abrogail I led to the hotbed of rebellion's second burning destruction since the Thrune Ascendancy.1

Abrogail II
The soon-expected second play by the Pezzacki playwright Amalia Wraxton, and a sequel to the inflammatory Abrogail I. Wraxton hopes her latest play will ignite the flame of revolution across Cheliax to throw off the devilish rule of the Queen of Cheliax, Abrogail Thrune II.12

Accounts of the Lost Angel
This work is by Lady Saphon Laghanni and is thought of as fiction by the literary scholars at Forae Logos. It was supposedly memoirs written about her experiences after a dreambound reading of The Lost Gospels of Tabris. This was placed on a list of dangerous works in Forae Logos collection by Djavin Vhrest, for it includes the phrase "He comes to call" over 900 times, spelled different ways. Vhest is convinced this is a code or cypher.3

Acts of Iomedae
This is a holy text of Iomedae, which recounts 11 miracles performed by her throughout Avistan and Garund as a demonstration of Aroden's might.4

The Alchymical Wedding: A Masque of Allegory
A parable by Darl Jubannich that uses the metaphor of a royal wedding to make points about both philosophy and alchemy.5

Aleh Almaktoum
This work is Osirion's most notorious work on necromancy, and sometimes found in the collections of the nation's archmagi. Known as the Book of the Dead, it is rather a collection of papyrus scrolls.6

Almanac of Nations: Avistan
An opinionated gazetteer of Avistani nations by Dyso Vadrasethi.7

Among the Living
This melodramatic opera debuted in 4708 AR in Oppara's House of the Immortal Son. It is an epic tale of the Ulfen warrior Victory, who sails over the edge of the world into a gothic paradise and falls in love with the undead queen of a jungle kingdom.8

Ancient Water Caches of the Parched Sands
Part of the private collection of Sayid Aaban, owner of the Fabled and Forgotten bookstore in Dimayen. Worth 100 gp9

The Artificers of Rachikan
by Benton Grone. Worth 75 gp.10

Asmodean Disciplines
Asmodeus' doctrines and the practices of his faithful can be found within this holy text. It is accompanied by various additions and supplemental documents.11

Asmodean Monograph
This holy text of Asmodeus records a simplified version of the doctrine of the Prince of Darkness, although it relies on many supplemental volumes and appendices.12

Azmakian Formula
This book was lost after the death of the demon lord Xar-Azmak but is said to contain the instructions and rituals for creating the dreaded Azmakian Effigy as well as information on the Jistka Imperium's demon-binding techniques and information on Xar Azmak's realm of Vlorus.13

Azvadeva Pujila
This work was written by the mortal Gruhastha and, so perfect was the book, the mortal merged with it and ascended to divinity.14 The work's content recounts the mortal Irori's quest for enlightenment and ultimate ascension to divinity. It is a major religious work in the faith of Gruhastha and among the chief followers of Irori, the Vudrani people.15

Azlanti Neris
Associated with the Old Cults, this tome describes three pre-Azlanti cities imprisoning Great Old Ones.16


Ballad of the Bloodmarch
A poem penned by Rodrik Grath, it shows the hard yet prideful life caused by the militaristic atmosphere in Trunau. In 4710 AR it became the town anthem.17

Ballad of the Homesick Wanderer
This poem, penned by a pacifist Riftwarden, can induce outsiders to return to their home plane.18

The Ballad of Prince Zhakar
The tale of a band of brave Mendevian knights who venture into demon-haunted Sarkoris at the beginning of the Age of Lost Omens and discover a "wound in the world" at the center of the chaos.19

Battle Song of the People's Revolt
Written to inspire Andorens in their secession from Cheliax, this fife-and-drum song continues to rally rebels in Golarion.20

Beneath the Marble Tides
Amongst other things, this book written by Ilia Colidar describes the kraken and posits views about these evil, ocean-dwelling creatures.21

Bestiary of Garund
Written by Varian Jeggare and illustrated partly by his Mwangi assistant, Amadi. It classifies the fauna of the Garundi continent.22

Beyond Steel: The Mysteries of Numerian Science
Covers science and technology, specifically regarding Numerian relics from the Rain of Stars.23

Birth of Light and Truth
This is a holy text of Sarenrae24 written in Kelesh.25

Bleak Heart
Written by Ailson Kindler, this book chronicles her encounters with the feral undead known as vrykolakas.26

The Blood Feast of Al-Yazr
An ancient Qadiran book of terrible secrets stolen from Qadira during the Grand Campaign Last seen in the Taldan ruin of Rhoetius, north-west of Old Sehir.27

Bonds and Red Rivers
A work by Sutreiv Abdonnovi, Bonds and Red Rivers is listed by Djavin Vhrest is a reference for the book The Burgundy Bowl.3

Bones Land in a Spiral
This is the holy text of Pharasma.28

Book of 1,000 Whispers
This book of prophecy, used as a guidebook by the Harbingers of Fate in Absalom, predicts events happening between the years 4604 AR and 4714 AR.29

Book of Joy
This holy book details the various passions held sacred by Calistria and her church.3031

Book of Leng
Associated with the Old Cults. Grimoire detailing Leng, Sarkomand, and summoning rituals.16

Book of Maan
An ancient religious text; one of the few (along with the Path of Ways) which mentions the Assassin of the Gods, Achaekek.32

Book of Magic
This holy text of Nethys is a comprehensive guide for channeling magic and the ramifications of its use and misuse.33

Book of Night without Moon
A largely blank book containing a small number of watercolor silhouettes. Each silhouette represents a trapped shadow.34

Book of Serpents, Ash, and Acorns
Shadows of What Was and Will Be
Provides the most complete information concerning travel to the mysterious Dimension of Time.35

Book of the Damned
Legendary book concerned with the Lower Planes

Book of the Last Moon
A collection of lore collected by followers of Groetus functioning somewhat as a holy text. Readers are often disturbed by the writings, typically resulting in terrible nightmares.36

The Broken House of Kriegmoor
Written by Ailson Kindler, this is a gothic novel37

The Burgundy Bowl
A sketchbook by Yisme the Candler, describing parts of various other works including Uniting the Flesh, Sutreiv Abdonnovi's Bonds and Red Rivers, and the Kuthite tome called Rites . There is a copy in the Forae Logos collection, and it was included in a list of works from Djavin Vhrest's items that he believes should be removed from circulation. Vhrest labels this as nothing but propaganda.3


Calosian Manuscript
A Second Age-era work that mentions Osirian interactions with emissaries from Aucturn.

Chronicle of the Cantorian Spring
A tome with wooden covers and blank parchment, but when watered and taken care of the pages turn into leaves, with writings in an ancient elven dialect that even elves have a hard time understanding. It seems to be a tale about forest and waters on stars. It is currently housed at Forae Logos in Absalom 38

The Chronicles of Aeromancy
This is a highly specialized and technical work that describes the development of aeromancy in Ulduvai, especially at the engineering level.39

Cities Between Empires
This historical account of the Tekritanin League, written by Venture-Captain Johann of Ribe in the 46th Century, AR, was believed to have included coded messages to Osirians living under Keleshite rule. When this was discovered, all known copies of the book were destroyed, though some beyond the Keleshites' reach survived.40

Collected Writings of Lord Ivrian Galanor
The notes and personal writings of Lord Ivrian Galanor which were used to create his stories.41

Complete 4692 Magnimar Census
Worth about 50 gp.42

The Conception Exception
Written by the famed halfling satirist Merivesta Olinchi of Nex, who was the first victim of the Red Mantis after she was assassinated in 3923 AR at the première.4344
Some care may be needed when examining some of the works listed here.


The Darcon Codicil
This bone-plated book was written in Ancient Osiriani by the Fiend Pharaoh. Within the pages are the true names of dozens of demons and devils.45

Dark Nights at Schloss Caromarc
by Count Alpon Caromarc. Worth 75GP.10

Daughter of the Mist
By Ivrian Galanor. Tells the story of Mirian Raas and the first adventure where Ivrian joined her team.41

Dawn of the Crusades
A play written by the Chelish playwright Hatherelm Arir, and very popular among the citizens of Kenabres.46

Den of Vice: An Andoren View of the Southern Slave Trade
by Horvus Arbenchal47

Dervishes: Technique and History
Part of the private collection of Sayid Aaban, owner of the Fabled and Forgotten bookstore in Dimayen.
Worth 150 gp9

Diary of Svenaka the Wanderer
Worth about 60 gp.42

Draconic Apsu
This work is a four-thousand-line epic recounting the creation of the true dragon races as recorded in the fourth generation by the gold dragon sage Gunnarrex.48

Drakanav Codex
This text details numerous kinds of dragons.49505152535455565758


The Encyclopedia Etherica.

The definitive cyclopedia for Varisia and the Storval Plateau, in which author Cevil Charms describes many sites in those areas and reviews Varisian culture.596061 Popularly housed in many small libraries around the Inner Sea region.62

The Eight Scrolls
This holy text details Desna's early days and the basic edicts of her faith.636465

Elements of Shadow
Worth about 125 gp.42

The Elopement of the Dowager Princess
This is an opera which was performed in Westcrown, Cheliax, in 4709 AR, starring Thesing Umbero Ulvauno. It notably has a scene in which horses appear on stage.66

Emerald Codex of the Therassic Order
A collection of spells and rituals devoted to the Peacock Spirit, penned by the Therassic Order. One known copy of the text was written on wyvern hide, and consisted of 18 scrolls.67

Encyclopedia Etherica
An ectoplasmic chronicle of spiritualists and their phantoms.68

Ezida Scrolls 69


The First Songs
A series of tales goblins tell about their creation story.70

The Four Hides of Lawm
This holy text of Lamashtu is a collection of three leather parts, each made from the skin of a humanoid. The fourth was lost long ago and is said to contain monstrous rites of power and fertility in Lamashtu's name.71


Galdyce's Guest: Feast of the Nosferatu
This book by Ailson Kindler chronicles her adventures with her fiancée Duristan Barlhein, and their encounters with the Viscount Galdyce, a nosferatu vampire and ruler of the Ustalavic county of Amaans.7273

Golarion Abridged
A guide of shortcuts to get from one area of Golarion to another. These Shortcuts were written up by a pathfinder named Cyrul the Wanderer.74

This is a holy text of Gorum.75

Genealogy of Janni Tribes
Part of the private collection of Sayid Aaban, owner of the Fabled and Forgotten bookstore in Dimayen. Worth 550 gp9

A Grand Tour of Absalom
A guidebook written by a Tian traveler to Absalom.76

Green Knight
The only well-received work from the Taldan author Malitociis. The protagonist is a goblin, and his deeds spread over 600 pages.77


Hammer and Tongs—The Forging of Metal and Other Good Works
This holy text of Torag is usually bound in metal with lacquered leather interior pages.78

The Handbook of Lurid Halfling Tales
Worth about 50 gp.42

Histories of Isger
Written by Darvayne Gios Amprei.79

History of the Five Kingdoms
Written by Uthorpe, this history concerns the Five Kings Mountains and the dwarves that lived there.80

A History of Ulduvai
This is the official chronicle of the Shory city of Ulduvai. It explains the city's history, government, and notable inhabitants. It specifically mentions Banderak, his involvement in founding a new "sky-faith", and his role as an aeromancer.81

Hommel and Brekka
Rodrik Grath's last play is considered his best work. It is the love story between a Shoanti warrior and a Chelish conqueror.17

Hymns to the Winds and Waves
This holy text of Gozreh includes sussurant prayers, rules for personal behavior and the respect of nature.82


Imperial Betrayal
Written by the Galtan philosopher Hosetter, this publication (along with Jubannich's On Government), helped ignite both the Red Revolution of Galt and the People's Revolt of Andoran.83

The Inward Facing Circle
A rare, illustrated84 treatise by Coganaris the Wracker of Cheliax.85


Journeys on a Floating Disk
Written by Dyso Vadrasethi, this is first-person account of the treasure-hunting adventures of a small group of people.8687


The King in Yellow
Arcane text associated with the Old Cults.1688

Kings of the Flying Apes
A history book of particular interest to aerial tacticians, and military historians. The book details the ascension of the derhii. It describes their gradual increase in military sophistication through various wars and raids, to become potent aerial allies of Ulduvai.81
One specific section, entitled "On the Summoning of Flying Apes", details an incantation to call the flying apes.39


Lacuna Codex
A book of immensely powerful spells that the lost kings of Ustalav used in their war against the Whispering Tyrant.89

The Lay of Arden and Lysena
This epic poem tells the story of the two young lovers whose deadly plunge down a waterfall sparked Naderi's ascension from divine servitor to goddess.90

The Legacy of Shadun
A well-preserved copy can be found in the ruins of the city, despite having been buried under volcanic ash for a thousand years.9192

Legends of Lucky Farouq
This is the most famous of the works concerning the exploits of Lucky Farouq published in Katapesh after he went missing.93

Libra Malfactum
This three-volume work details the teachings of a spirit naga. One known copy is worth 400 gp.94

Linnorms of the North
A particularly old, illustrated tome.84

The Living Library
The Living Library is actually a collection of scrolls housed in the Ravenous Sphinx, and numbering in the thousands.95 Each scroll is finely made and of considerable length.96 The scrolls are purported to catalog every deed of every Osirian that ever lived, up until the time of the Library's loss when the sphinx was swallowed by the desert.97

The Lobster's Wife
A sea shanty about a goblin girl who falls in love with a lobster. It is sung throughout the Inner Sea.98

Logic of Design
The official text of Brigh's church, which is half lecture on scientific methodology and half a reference on various scientific and engineering fields.99

Lost Gospels of Tabris
This folio by Aldus Canter consists of a combination of Osirian mysticisms, Pharasmin catechisms, and Varisian occult traditions. It outlines the first path toward a holy communion upon death.100

The Lost Scrolls of Bylduvan
Despite its title, this foul work is actually a bound volume. Contained within are incantations to summon and control horrific creatures of the air.
Hidden on a single warded page with the book, is a description of a powerful guardian referred to as "the watcher".39

Lotus Annals
A memoir written by the royal naga Holadi, the great granddaughter of the naga deity Nalinivati, it contains many stories about Nalinivati before her ascension to godhood. It is not considered a true holy text by the church of Nalinivati but it is considered to be of spiritual value by her worshippers.101


The Majestic Book of the Prime Ascended
There is speculation that Theodrenne Armande was not the true author of this book written in 4214 AR. It lists five people who ascended to godhood through the Starstone. It is popular with candidates preparing for the Test of the Starstone and is banned in Razmiran and Rahadoum.102

Malificar and the Hands of Doom
This is a tale told in taverns, written by the halfling Fife, about his adventure with his brother Darvin against the necromancer called Malificar.103

Manual of City-Building
This holy text of Abadar contains advice on the topic of founding and running a community, and is often stored prominently in a place of honor.104

Mapping Conqueror's Bay
Worth about 75 gp.42

Marriage of Tremior
A play put on at the Rose and Rake Theatre in Magnimar.105

Masters of the First
This book describes the First World and its rulers.106

Mating Habits of Gnolls
Part of the private collection of Sayid Aaban, owner of the Fabled and Forgotten bookstore in Dimayen. Worth 50 gp9

Melodies of Inner Beauty107

Memoirs of the Silver Brotherhood
An elusive manuscript which has long been searched for by the Pathfinder Society.108

A transcription of the speech given by Daidian Ruel to King Gaspodar that led to the founding of the Hellknights.109110

Merciless: Abendego, Belkzen, Varisia, and Other Hells
A cautionary travelogue written by Darvayne Gios Amprei.111

Metalworking for Warfare
The complete work of all 16 volumes by Hollyhall of Maheto, is among the hoard of the magma dragon Moschabbatt.112

Mizravrtta Brahmodya
This holy text relates many stories of the victories and exploits of the Vudrani goddess Suyuddha, a patron of the elite padaprajna caste of warriors.15

Modern Osirionology: An Introduction
Published in Absalom, 4714 AR 113

A Most Accurate Review of the Shoanti Displacements
Worth about 30 gp.42

Mythos Of The Wild
Written by Deroma Lilektas, this book describes creatures of the wild, for instance hydras, and offers advice about encountering them.114


Nations at War
Written by historian Rutha Osper, this book includes a history of the conflict between Nirmathas and Molthune.115116

The Necronomicon
Arcane text associated with the Old Cults.16117


Of Moon and Beast
Edited by Hargen Bulhest. A collection of stories and first-person accounts exploring the nature of werecreatures and beastkin.118

On Government
Written by Darl Jubannich in the year 4642 AR, this short piece is critical of House Thrune. Along with Hosetter's Imperial Betrayal, it helped to spark what would later become both the Red Revolution of Galt and Andoran's People's Revolt.119

On the Origin of Monsters
Written by Erasmos Wedgwood, this text contains the most respected theory on the origins of owlbears.120

On Verified Madness
An ancient jet-black tome discussing the Dark Tapestry. It is a work of starry observations and occult lore.121122

The Order of Numbers
The core holy text of the Church of Abadar usually bears elaborate decoration, writing, and binding.123104

A History in Four Ages
A historical treatise by the Osirionologist called the Sand Sage.124

Otembo the Toe-Eater
Also called Grandmother Goblin, Otembo the Toe-Eater comes from the folklore of the Mwangi Expanse. Her stories include a origin story of the goblin race98


A Pathfinder at her studies, maybe reading one of the Pathfinder Chronicles.

Parables of Erastil
This book acts as a guide and almanac for the followers of Erastil; it includes information on strengthening one's family, farming, and wilderness skills.125126

Path of Ways
An ancient religious text; one of the few (along with the Book of Maan) which mentions the Assassin of the Gods, Achaekek.32

Pathfinder Chronicles
A series of chapbooks published by the Pathfinder Society recounting some of their most notable journeys and discoveries.127

Paths Across Vudra
A book written by Liteim Krinas about his journey to Vudra in search of the magical jewel known as Queen Swaniai's Diamond Eye.128

The Peltry Fables
A holy text of halfling demigoddess Chaldira Zuzaristan, this book is a collection of tales about Nolly Peltry, who survives and succeeds in her adventures with help from diverse and fantastical allies. It is popular with children, and its lessons remain valued by adults.129

Placard of Wisdom
Consisting of no more than a few lines of text, this holy text usually takes the form of a simple wall-hanging that summarizes the traits that should be embraced by the followers of the Cayden Cailean.130131

Pnakotic Manuscripts
A foul book containing information and prophecies of the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones, it is sacred to the Old Cults. It is also valuable to those who would fight the Old Cults.16132133134

Poison in the Water
A guidebook to survival and success in the poison haven of Daggermark.76

The extensive journals of the legendary hero Arustun's quest of civilization.135

Preklikin's Book of Cults
Arcane tome describing the Old Cults and the Great Old Ones.13616

The Prophecies of Kalistrade
The most widely published book in Druma, it lists the central tenets and strictures necessary to follow the Prophecies of Kalistrade.137

Punish The Guilty
This gilt-edged, and leather bound book on Absalom law was part of the private law library of the late Judge Silman Trabe.138


Red Snow Falling
This famous play was written by Tryka, a lazakh white dragon. It is about her battle with and subsequent flight from the mighty red dragon Daralathyxl but has been edited to make all the characters human.139

Record of Truan Iolavai
A travelogue describing the journey of the title character from the Taldan capital of Oppara, across Avistan and Casmaron to the distant province of Yen-Shuan in Kaladay.140

Redwing's Dungeon Companion
A slender and often-copied tome of spells used by acclaimed author and explorer Cevil "Redwing" Charms, Esq. The original manuscript is said to be stored in Magnimar, and is much sought after for the powers of navigation that Redwing claimed it has. The original's pages are in perfect condition despite the cover's obvious signs of hazardous wear from years of dungeoneering.141

Right-Side Up
Priests often loan out this holy text of the halfling demigoddess Chaldira Zuzaristan, which is a practical philosophical guide on overcoming hardship through positivity and productivity.129

Rise and Fall of the Meraz
Part of the private collection of Sayid Aaban, owner of the Fabled and Forgotten bookstore in Dimayen. Worth 250 gp.9

River of Ink and Silk
An Ulfen skald penned this impressed travelogue of Kasai and its social structure.76


Sagas of a World at War
A collection of poems written by Oedes who is also known as the poet of the Shadow Quatrains.142

The Sarkoris Shards
Rune-carved crystal shards from Sarkoris concerning witch-cults and cannibalism, associated with the Old Cults.16

Secrets of the Dreaming Dark
Eldritch grimoire associated with the Old Cults, concerning the Dark Tapestry.16143

Secrets of the Pactmasters Revealed
Theories on the Aluum
Anonymously written. Worth 75 gp.10

Serving Your Hunger
This is the unholy text of Urgathoa.144

The Seven Pangs of Longing
These plays are a cycle of linked tragedies involving arranged marriages that separate lovers. They were written by Rithallen, a Nirmathi playwright inspired by his consuming romance with the Molthuni noblewoman known only as the Lily of Canorate.90

This cryptic, symbolic tale by the Taldan author and alchemist Smardina relates the adventures of an alchemist who trades 23 years of his life to an ukobach devil, only to find himself too old to benefit from the trade, ending up dragged to Hell in a golden coffin.145

A Sight Into Dreams and Nightmares
A work written by Atilia Spirliu about the demiplane of Leng.146

Six Trials of Lazarod
This play by Lokoris Sarini is a fictional account of a Chelish cambion named Larazod Rilsane who vows to expose a traitor to Cheliax.147

Skull of Mashag
This holy "text" of Lamashtu is the yellowed skull of a yaenit who died in her service. This object has the ability to speak the goddess' will in several languages. Every few years, her worshipers meet to hear its teachings, and heroes from each tribe undergo a series of contests to determine which group is to keep it next.14871

Song of Extinction
A Kuthite song thought to drain the soul and life energy of those who hear it.149

Song of Sarkoris
A poem that tells of the end of the barbarian realm of Sarkoris in northern Avistan at the beginning of the Age of Lost Omens, and its slow transformation into the demonic Worldwound.19

Song of the Scions
A poem written by Oedes and included in his collection of poems Sagas of a World at War 142

Songs at Sun's Ebb
A collection of poems by the alchemist Vumeshki.150151

Steps Upon the Sanguine Stair
Written by the ex-Pathfinder Ailson Kindler, this book describes her encounters with ghosts.152

Successful Methods for the Enslavement of Lesser Races
Written by hryngars,153 this 20 volume series of treatises includes the huge book Restrictions on the Enslavement of Lesser Races. The detailed study of which was in turn described by Koriah Azmeren, in Volume 44 of the Pathfinder Chronicles, as invaluable in navigating negotiations with the gray dwarves encountered.154


Taargick and the Quest for Sky
A favored battle song of the dwarves of the Ninth Battalion.155 It is named for the first great dwarf king, Taargick, who founded Tar Taargadth, who united splintered dwarven factions and led the Quest for Sky.156

Tea from the Garden of Tears
Written by Izumi Kayoya, this book includes at one point a description of an encounter and attack by a jinmenju plant.157

Tears of the Grungir
Written by Indladahl of Jol, this is a book lamenting the problems of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings; the book is named after the Grungir Forest.158

Written by Zeneus of Azlant, this poem is one of the few pieces of Azlanti literature to survive into the modern era. It is said to be so beautiful that it transports the reader to another world of splendour, beauty and eroticism.159

The Thousand Wings
This work is on of mad ravings, and prophesy. It was authored by a group of Sky Prophets shortly before the fall of Ulduvai. For their effort in sifting through the ravings, readers will be rewarded with details of the Sky Prophet's history, organization, methods and dogma.39

A Thread of Silver
An early survey of the Silver Mount, this book's contents are fiercely guarded by the Technic League, who targets anyone who owns a copy.160

Toxins and Countermeasures
A rare volume by Giacomo d'Enzinas.161

Transgression is an anti-Aroden manifesto, blasphemous to Aroden's faith; it was written in Vyre, Cheliax.162

Travels on the Far Frontier
These travel journals were originally published in the mid-1900s AR by the Andoren traveler Rikkan. Rikkan Falls on the Adivian River were subsequently named for the author, who drew them for the first time in 1896 AR.163

A Treasury of Varisian Tales
A Treasury of Varisian Tales was written by the Brothers Treyes and includes, for instance, a section called "The Harrowed Realm".164

Triumph in Blood-Red Thorns
This work of House Thrune loyalist literature by Rellind Garestic was a best-seller in Cheliax.165


The Umbral Leaves
This holy text details the tenets of the faith of Zon-Kuthon, written in blood on pages of flayed skin.166

Unbinding the Fetters
This holy text of Irori is a lengthy tome describing meditation, physical exercises, dietary regimes and other methods to help mortals transcend their limitations. As well as being long, the book is difficult and challenging.167168169

Uniting the Flesh
Uniting the Flesh is listed by Djavin Vhrest is a reference for the book The Burgundy Bowl.3


Varisian Traveler's Dictionary
Worth about 50 gp.42

Voyages into the Void
The most detailed known compilation of planar travelers venturing into the Dark Tapestry, authored by the caligni seer Fiersythe ca. 64 AR.170171

Vuere's Demonic Taxonomy
Written by Clydwell Keep's Kutholiam Vuere172


Wanderlust: True Stories for Brave Lads and Lasses
Written by Bran Stalwart, this book includes a passage about a terrible attack by a pack of wights.173

Way of the End-Name174

When Gods Fall
A satirical play written by Pezzacki playwright Indageous Vonor.2

Whispers of the Immortal
This faded text was written by a disciple of Tar-Baphon, and considered ancient by 4707 AR. It details the life, undeath and eventual divine ascension of the Whispering Tyrant. The book was found by Drazmorg while at the High Academae, and taken with him to Droskar's Crucible. Officials at the High Acadamae purchased the volume from an adventurer—who claimed that it was found in an old crypt in the Fangwood forest—despite their reservations about its authenticity.175

The Winds of Treason
A work of fiction by Ailson Kindler, a writer from Ustalav. The main character had a name close enough to that of the Vishov family name that it was used as propaganda to force them out of the country.176

Windsong Testaments
Parables about deities written at Windsong Abbey which speak to different faiths, but do not necessarily depict reality.177

The Winter of White Roses
A production of this Chelish opera in the 4700s AR in Westcrown saw the sudden rise to stardom of Calseinica Nymmis, who was originally an understudy for the role of the Witch of Roses. Nymmis later starred in the 4709 AR production of The Six Trials of Lazarod.178

Witch-Cults of Northern Avistan
A collection of pamphlets by Pastor Bromon Shy, a corrupted Erastilian priest, that describes infernal cults.179180 Popular among Mendevian Crusaders,181 it is written in the format of a warning but encoded with the names of summoned creatures and methods of recognizing fellow cultists.180 It includes a section on the moral fall of Sarkoris182 and its peoples' worship of many folk deities,183 including Ommors, Dweller in the Delvegate,184 and the god callers that Shy theorized were summoners who worshiped their eidolons.185
Certain copies can be worth as much as 1,500 gp.186


The Xanthuun Tablets
Tome associated with the Old Cults, purporting to reveal secrets about primordial forces and the creation of the world.16

Untitled works

book of hymns to Torag
A beautifully illuminated book of hymns dedicated to Torag.187
early Andoren philosophy book
One known copy of this work is worth 200 gp.94
illustrated travel book
This illustrated work describes a scenic journey through Osirion. One known copy is worth 230 gp.94
prayer book to Lamashtu
This ancient prayer book is written in Chthonian. As befits a text dedicated to Lamashtu, it describes many of the worlds monstrous denizens, even including several gruesome woodcuts.188
tome of esoteric magic
Written in Sylvan, this large tome contains questionable arcana, such as a ritual purported to allow fey to grow replacements for lost body parts.189
shrine wall writings
Almost all Desnan shrines are covered with the observations and prayers of travelers and priests of her faith, containing the wisdom of the road and hints for the start of new journeys.65


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